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Philly2Philly.com’s Joe Vallee, Ryan Downs, Matt Goldberg, and Billy Vargus stopped by SportsRadio 94WIP Tuesday morning to talk to Angelo Cataldi, Rhea Hughes, Al Morganti and Ben Davis about their book, “A Snowball’s Chance.”


You can listen to the podcast by clicking on this link HERE!




There was never a dull moment and the gang couldn’t have been nicer.


“This is a noble project,” exclaimed Cataldi about the book. “I’m gonna guarantee this book is gonna be so successful.”


We’ll take your word for it, Angelo!


Be on the lookout for giveaways and promotions on WIP for A Snowball’s Chance.


Thanks again, guys!


A Snowball's Chance is available in paperback on Philly2Philly, and paperback and Kindle on Amazon.


Special thanks to Rhea Hughes, Mike Baldini of Baldini Communications, and Cindy Webster for helping to arrange this!

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If the trailer for the new Julius Erving documentary “The Doctor” is as good as all the hype surrounding it, this should be one very compelling hour and a half of television.


Judging by the footage, the film will apparently chronicle Erving’s rise to prominence in the ABA as well as his career with the Sixers. Compared to other NBA greats, the former 76er has basically strayed from the limelight after his retirement, but he’s certainly dealt with his share of battles off the court since playing his last game in 1987. The trailer shows him visiting a gravesite, which presumably might be that of his late son, Corey, who died in 2000.  


In an era dominated by Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, Dr. J’s high flying theatrics helped bring the NBA to prominence. Sure, he didn’t win the same number of titles that Johnson (5) and Bird (3) did, but there was only one Dr. J.  Hopefully this documentary gives him even more of the praise he justly deserves.


The 90-minute documentary will air between Games 2 and 3 of The Finals on Monday, June 10, at 9 pm on NBA TV. Chances are the archived footage will be the only time you’ll see a Sixer playing in the NBA Finals for a long time.


Check it out!



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A sea of pink in Philadelphia as thousands gathered on Mother's Day at the 23rd Annual Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure. From hundreds of volunteers to sponsors, runners to walkers, fundraisers to participants – many made it a day of celebration and empowerment for all women.


This is just one run of many races to come since last weekend’s Broad Street Run.  Jenna Communications’ President, Jennifer Sherlock gives you a taste of her BSR experience and a preview of another race called Strides for Stroke that is also saving lives and raising awareness.  



Septa’s Broad Street Line is packed at 7 a.m. as runners prepare for the 10 miles from North to South Philly.  


 My friend Lauren Nickles and I are all stretched and ready to attack Broad Street.  

  This is just one mile in as a sea of runners get ready to pace themselves for the next nine miles to go!


 I finally finished with my buddy Marshall Harris. The Comcast SportsNet anchor ran 1:17 and I finished with my best time in nine years at 1:21. I hope to break 1:20 next year on my tenth year of running the race. Marshall hopes to break 1:15.  


Last but not least, run the Strides for Stroke 5K Sunday, June 9th at 8:30 am in Philadelphia to raise awareness for stroke- the number one cause of adult disabilities and number three cause of death.


All proceeds help guarantee the continued success of the Delaware Valley Stroke Council’s programs to educate people on stroke and advocate for cutting-edge stroke care at area hospitals.


Like us on Facebook and join the event for more details.


Register HERE for Strides for Stroke

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Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!  If you’re a mother, grandmother, stepmother, godmother, or you often hear “you’re like a mom to me!” from someone special – this week’s column is dedicated to you.  


I love Erma Bombeck’s quote – “Mothers have to remember what food each child likes or dislikes, which one is allergic to penicillin and hamster fur, who gets car sick and who isn’t kidding when he stands outside the bathroom door and tells you what’s going to happen if he doesn’t get in right away. It’s tough. If they all have the same hair color they tend to run together.”  Mother's Day photo: hdwallpapersarena.com


Erma’s right – especially about the hair color.  When you’ve got two wildly energetic, dark-haired kids zooming by at Mach 2, it’s tough to know which one you’ve got to scold for squirting toothpaste all over the train set, or who sprinkled Kool Aid powder into the toilet to watch it mix into cool swirly colors when they flush. Or maybe that’s just in my house.


I have fabulous news for all of the households honoring mom this Mother’s Day.  Moms are – without a doubt – the most sentimental slobs on earth. Making the day ultra-special requires very little money, just a touch of imagination (and a lot of dry macaroni). If you’re ready to create a fabulous Mother’s Day for the special lady in your life, read on for gift ideas that have historically gone off the charts on the brag-worthy scale.


Noodle Necklaces – How important are these little gems?  Let’s put it this way – I’ve received bits of jewelry here & there all my life. I can generally tell you where to find the somewhat-sentimental pieces (high school rings, special earrings, etc.).  However, I can tell you with concrete clarity where my wedding & engagement rings are (left hand, 24/7), and my two noodle necklaces, circa 2007 & 2010 (in a protected, cotton lined box way in the back of my “special stuff” drawer).  Trust me, creamettes never had it so good. If the Mom in your life (of any age) doesn’t have one of these, she’s missing out on the most priceless jewelry on earth. Get to it.    Photo: Makeandtakes.com


Breakfast in Bed – the perfect gift from kids, and off-the-charts brag worthy to any and all that cross mom’s path later that day.  Fabulous menu choices (that don’t require an insurance adjuster coming out to the house to assess the damages) are toast with jam, cereal, fruit salad, and a big cup of coffee.  Four Seasons, schmore seasons- let’s see them make a burned piece of toast topped with strawberry jam and mayo that even comes close to your preschooler’s version.  Bon appétit!


Homemade Card –Store-bought cards are lovely, I grant you. I’ve received lots of them in my life.  They’re all…..somewhere.  However, all of the hand-made cards (and I do mean ALL of them), that my children wrote out carefully in crayon, with the words “I Love U Momy” (with the forgotten “m” smushed in later), are now keeping company next to some very lucky macaroni necklaces.  Dads, this means you too.  A hand-written paragraph or two, with an extra helping of well-thought out mush, is serious currency, I kid you not.  If the idea of hand-writing something puts you into a full blown panic, however, I don’t want that on my conscience.  Hitting your local dollar store for a fabulous card is perfectly acceptable as well.


However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, make it priceless with your imagination, rather than your cash.  To all the Moms out there (including mine!) that make our lives so fantastic, Happy Mother’s Day!



Kristen Hagopian is a Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host & Columnist, Consumer Reporter and Author of “Brilliant Frugal Living”.  She lives in Chester County with her husband and two kids.  “The Kristen Hagopian Show” airs on Philly’s News/Talk 1180 WFYL on Saturdays and Sundays.  You can find her online at www.BrilliantFrugalLiving.com

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Mother's Day photo: wishespoint.com

Noodle Necklace photo: makeandtakes.com

Hey everyone!Philly Pheud


The writers of the Philly2Philly book "A Snowball's Chance" have been selected to appear on Philly Pheud, the new game show on PHL-17 hosted by Mike Missanelli!  The show is all about Philly sports/history/culture, etc. Think of Family Feud without Richard Dawson and add a "Ph" in place of the "F" and you'll get it.


On Tuesday May 14th, we will be competing on the show against a group of sports writers from South Jersey. We would love everyone to come on out and be part of the show! It's taped at Play2 right next to the Chickie's & Pete's in South Philly next Tuesday, May 14th. The show starts taping at 9pm, so if you get there at 8pm, you should be fine.


You can click HERE on the Facebook invite link to register.


This is going to be LOTS of fun, so we hope to see you there!



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The following is a statement from the Law Offices of Scott Good, LLC in regards to the decision today regarding Philly2Philly.com’s domain name.


“Congratulations to Joe Vallee and Philly2Philly for prevailing in Round 1 against a media conglomerate. A 3-member arbitration panel concluded under applicable law that Philly2Philly is not required to transfer/cancel its domain name. This is a huge victory for the Philly2Philly team, but there is a lot of work left to do.”


Philly2Philly would like to thank all its staff, supporters and readers during this taxing time. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but we are going to keep fighting!


Joe Vallee
Chief Executive Officer

Contact Joe Vallee at jvallee@philly2philly.com

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This week, Philly2Philly had the honor of being Kyle Scott’s guest on Crossing Streams, a new series of podcasts from the founder of the award-winning local sports blog Crossing Broad.

During the discussion, Kyle chats with Joe Vallee about A Snowball’s Chance.  Among the topics discussed include the inspiration for the book, the process of putting the book together, the athletes and broadcasters who contributed, Joe’s batboy days with the Phillies as well as the possible fate of Philly2Philly. 





Kyle has been a tremendous supporter of Philly2Philly and A Snowball’s Chance, which is greatly appreciated by all of us here at the site. He’s has been saying all along what we’ve been saying about A Snowball’s Chance: You HAVE to buy this book!!  And oh yeah, it’s available now on Kindle too!


As long as there is a Philly2Philly, we’ll gladly wave the Crossing Broad flag.


You can click on the podcast below. Enjoy!

Listen to internet radio with Crossing Streams on Blog Talk Radio



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In case everyone was wondering when Daylight Savings Time was and when to move your clocks forward (remember: Fall back, Spring ahead), it’s Photo: depositphotos.comthis Sunday at 2AM.
Don’t forget!

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Photo: depositphotos.com

Raphael Xavier, is an award winning artist from Wilmington, Delaware who is credited for the resurrection and the growth of the Breaking community in Philadelphia from 1996 to present day. As a member of the world renown Hip Hop Dance Company, Rennie Harris Puremovement since 1998, Raphael is a Pennsylvania Fellow of the Arts in folk and traditional forms and has been funded by the Independence Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He has been a professional breaker/dancer for the last 15 years, working in a variety of fields including music, photography and film.

Xavier’s latest project takes him behind the camera. No Bicycle Parking is a collection of abandoned bicycles from Philly-Europe ranging from 2000-2012. Xavier is premiering the photographs at the Painted Bride Art Center  March 21st and 22nd. This is the first of a two-part project. The first will be the gathering of Philadelphia stories and the second will be the book release and print display.

Philly2Philly recently talked with Xavier about the project, and how Philadelphians can actually take part in it.

Philly2Philly:  The first question here is pretty obvious: What compelled you to take on a project like this?

Raphael Xavier:  As a photographer, I wanted to find something that could make me stand out as a photographer. Every photographer I knew was good at what they did and it was because they had something that was different than the next. I wanted something that couldn’t be followed behind. I tried rocks, trees, homeless people and it was all done before. One day walking down south street in June 2000, I saw the bottom of a shopping cart chained to a pole with a bike lock. I thought was interested. Six blocks later, I noticed all kinds of kryptonite bike locks just rusted away. I eventually came across a bike with the front wheel missing that same day and I just kept looking. That was it. It became an addiction to find something that made me a different photographer, but I didn’t know it was going to be this. It just kept me looking.

P2P: How long have you been taking pictures?

RX:  I’ve been taking pictures since I was 10. A neighbor gave me an old box camera and I didn’t know what it was. Then he gave me a polaroid camera, then he gave me an instamatic with the ice cube flash (LOL).  I don’t know if he was stealing them or what. By the time I got into high school, I could take pretty good pictures. Photography was one of my classes and that was the beginning of my photography life. Quick side story...the first time I took a picture with a 35mm film camera it was a Cannon AE1. Everything was manual. When I developed the picture, the teacher looked at it and said it was something wrong with it. He developed it backwards and forwards five times and then he realized what was wrong. The pictures were too clear for someone like me to have taken (LOL).  He said he’d never seen an image as clear or in focus like the ones I’d taken. Then he told me I had an eye. And I never payed attention to it until I was in my 30’s.

P2P: Were these photos taken in the city of Philadelphia only? Or was any location fair game?

RX:  It started out in Philly. But yeah, every location became fair game. It was easy because I’m a touring dancer, so every city and state and country I’d travel to, gave me the privilege to shoot. I’d get off the plane, check in hotel, go to the theatre and rehearse, then go to the streets looking for bikes. It’s really an obsession now. I feel I have to do it. Sometimes I’m not in the area that long so my radar is on all the time.

P2P: Did you ever witness the stripping of a bike in person?

RX:  Never!  I would stay out looking until 3AM but never found anyone. I actually was accused of stealing them and was stripped searched at the train station. There were cut locks, two bikes and just me laying on the ground. It looked like a situation so they called for cops. I actually kept the camera running until one cop noticed. But I was still shooting from the hip. I have it on video and film. It will be hanging/showing in the show.

P2P:  In regards to the photos, did it come to a point where you said ‘You know what, I have enough pics to actually make a book,’ or was the book the plan all along?

RX:  The book idea was in my head two years in. I went to some publishers and had meetings with them and they said it was too local. It didn’t do anything for them. It was kind of silly. Just not interesting. It really discouraged me because I started to feel like it was silly and there wasn’t anything to it, but I just kept shooting anyway. My friends thought it was silly, too. So it hurt sometimes cause I’d finally found something as a photographer that nobody could follow behind. Partly because sometimes the bikes were gone after I shot them and also because nobody saw what I saw in the sculptures so to speak. I shot in slow shutters, so it gave them life and light. You can’t see that with the naked eye. But when I looked at everything over the last two years, I couldn’t believe I was still shooting. It took over. Now I know why.

It’s time now. I have enough for a gallery show, six books, calendars, post cards, greeting cards etc. I’m more excited about it now than I’ve ever been. Timing is everything and so is passion. I would’ve given up if I wasn’t passionate about what I do as an artist. Also, a little bit of it was to prove people/publishers wrong. And although I have way more than enough, I’m still going to shoot until I feel it’s time to stop. I’ll know when. But I’m certain that I’ve found something that could be a lifelong project because of my travels.  

P2P:  Why do you think there’s SO many abandoned bikes around the city? I’m certainly not surprised by the amount that I see.

RX:  I’m not sure why there are so many. Part of it is due to the uneducated rider who doesn’t know how to properly lock up the bike. Quick release is not only for you, but for the thief as well. You can’t just lock a bike up by the front wheel (LOL), but I don’t know why. If I could catch a thief and ask, I would. I wouldn’t tell though. I just want to know why.

I’m working on inventing a bike bag. My bag would be to protect the bike from weather and deter thieves. For one, they wouldn’t know what was under there, and two, it would take more time to get to the bike. It’s very much needed today. But the bike is a serious means of transportation that I don’t know why people would just leave it and not get it fixed. But part of the reason for getting bike stories for the book is just that; to ask those questions. See what people are thinking and have thought about when they return to the bike and find it stripped down.

P2P:  With the city's new abandoned bicycle regulations, I would imagine the timing for the launch is perfect.

RX: Yeah it’s weird. I didn’t think of it like that but like I said, timing is everything. They said they’ve been doing it for a few years, but obviously they’re not looking in the right places or spending enough time out there. You won’t find them all but I find enough of them to fuel my purpose (LOL).

One day when I do this really big, it’s going to be sort of an installation where the city streets will be in the gallery with a few of the bikes that I saw the exact same way they are in the street. That’s a big idea I know but not too far-fetched. I hope I can get them involved with the project in some way. It may be able to bring more awareness to bike theft in all major cities and universities.

P2P: You’re premiering the photographs at the Painted Bride Art Center March 21st and 22nd. Not only are you inviting bike enthusiasts to the premiere to view the book images and share their stories, but you’re also planning to re-release the book and include their stories as well?

RX:  Yes. At this point there is only a mock-up of the book. I wanted to do a book for me because that’s been something of a dream to have a book. But when I looked at the images (as it’s been over 10 years) I got tired of looking at them as they were just sitting. I needed to be refreshed myself so I thought of having somebody elses story. My story was already in the 400 images.

What are other peoples stories?  It would mean something and make the book more appealing because people could relate to the stories of others. Not just mine. It would be one-sided. So once I get the stories, I will sort them all out and put them with specific images and do another mock-up. I’m really hoping I can get it published by a company. Self publishing with something like this is too much time and money and I won’t be able to do it as well as I’d like to. I’m still on the road and performing. And I do think my touring can help sell the book. It’s a machine I don’t know and it will take time to learn it. But to answer your question, once it’s put together I will do another exhibit pushing the book and large prints of the images.

P2P: Where can people go to get more info on you and the exhibit?

RX: You can get info on Facebook, Treehugger.com, my personal website, and the Painted Bride events page.

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