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It seems like only yesterday that Dexter Morgan began using The Code to exact his macabre version of vigilante justice on those he deemed wrong.  But, after eight amazing seasons, Dexter  has come to an end.  


Fans have been waiting impatiently all season to see just what would become of the likeable serial killer.


Tonight they got their wish.


“Remember the Monsters?” took a few minutes to start because, unsurprisingly, there were some flashback clips and some sound bytes from the cast—past and present. When it did start, we were in for a doozy of an episode!Photo: Showtime


If you haven’t watched it yet and you want to be surprised by how the whole shebang went down, then stop reading now.  If not…


The show started with Dexter and Harrison in the airport getting ready to leave for Argentina.  Hannah calls them from the bathroom to let them know that Elway is in the waiting area.  He hasn’t yet seen her, but will if she tries to board with them.  So Dexter comes up with an ingenious way to shake Elway. Once he’s taken care of, he calls Hannah and tells her that the coast is clear- although his stunt has also cost them their flight.


Deb is found and is put in an ambulance for transport to the hospital.  Quinn rides with her and she tells him that she’s done things that she isn’t proud of. He tells her that the good she’s done cancels out the bad and that she’s a good person.  They finally make it to the hospital and she tells Quinn that she loves him before being wheeled away for surgery.


Batista makes the decision to tell Dexter about his sister and Matthews makes the call.  Dexter tells Hannah that Saxon shot his sister and that he has to go to the hospital to see her.  Before leaving, he tells her that they should go to a different place when they finally leave in order to once again shake Elway. Saxon makes an appearance, commandeers a truck, and takes off.  In the meantime Dexter makes it to the hospital.


Elway continues to try to contact DM Clayton and lets him know that Hannah is still in town and he will keep trying to locate her.  Elway makes some calls and learns that Clayton has been killed. When Deb wakes up Dexter is waiting.  She’s surprised to see him since he should be on his way to Argentina.  He’s upset and guilty and feels as if he’s screwed up Deb’s life.  She tells him otherwise and that she wants him to be happy.  A doctor comes in to check up on Deb and tells them that she’s optimistic about her recovery. When the doctor leaves, Dexter tells her about what happened at the airport.  Dexter still wants to find a way to get Hannah out of the country, yet also wants to take care of Saxon before he goes with her.


While in the hospital, he flashes back to when Harrison was born and when Deb met his son for the first time.  He also talks to Matthews, who offers to help.  Dexter asks him to watch over Deb because Saxon is still out there. Elway goes to the hospital and runs into Dexter.  He asks about Deb, but also lets him know that he knows about him and Hannah.


While Miami gets ready for the impending hurricane, Saxon heads to a veterinary hospital where he threatens the vet with a gun and makes him stitch up his wounds.


Dexter meets up with Hannah and they discuss how she can leave.  She offers to take Harrison with her, and he wants her to so that they are both safe.


Saxon is stitched up, and while the vet is finishing up, the news of Deb’s shooting and Clayton’s death flash on the TV.


Dexter takes Hannah and Harrison to the bus station and sends them to the airport to once again try and fly out.  He tells Harrison that he will join them as soon as he ties up a few loose ends.  They say their touching goodbyes and plan to soon reunite in Buenos Aires.



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Saxon has the vet take him to the hospital.  Instead of letting the man go, Saxon cuts out his tongue and lets him go into the hospital.  During the chaos, Saxon heads to Deb’s room, but Dexter is on to him and following closely behind.  Before Dexter can get to him, Batista and his officers take Saxon instead. Dexter finds Quinn, who is visibly shaken because Deb has stopped breathing and was taken to the ICU.  She is on a ventilator and the doctor tells them that there were complications—a possible clot that triggered a major stroke that deprived her brain of oxygen.  Even if she can breathe on her own, she will never be ok again.  Only a miracle would make things better. Dexter once again flashes back to the day that Harrison was born: when things between him and Deb were good.


Hannah is on the bus and talking to Harrison about Argentina when she looks up and sees Elway sitting across the aisle from her.  He tells her to sit quietly until they reach Daytona and then, when there, he will turn her in and give Harrison to CPS.


Batista and Quinn interrogate Saxon while Dexter watches.  Quinn loses it during the interview and is sent out of the room.  Saxon asks to speak to his attorney.


Hannah offers Elway some tea.  As he’s refusing, she injects him with a horse tranquilizer and makes her getaway with Harrison.


Dexter acts as if he is going to perform a GSR test on Saxon, but his intentions are much more menacing.  Once face to face with the man who shot his sister and killed Vogel, he tells him that he only blames himself for what happened, and that Saxon’s actions forced him to look at himself and see the trail of blood and body parts he has left in his wake.  He tells Saxon that he plans to kill him with the pen that he’s placed on the table.  Saxon gets to it first and stabs him in the shoulder, but Dexter is quicker—taking the pen from his shoulder and stabbing him in the neck.  He hits the panic button and tells the officers that Saxon tried to kill him.


Batista reviews the tapes and asks Dexter why he wanted to personally do the test, especially since he no longer works there.  Dexter says that he is technically employed until the end of the week and wanted to do it so that he could look him in the eye and make sure the test was done right.  They deem the murder self defense and Dexter is off the hook.


Dexter takes his boat and heads to the hospital to see Deb.  The storm is beginning to rage and the hospital is preparing for it.  Deb is still unconscious and on the ventilator and Dexter is completely overwhelmed.  He apologizes to his sister as he sits and holds her hand.  He tells her that he can’t leave her like that and turns off the ventilator.  Dexter watches Deb slowly stop breathing and tells her one last time that he loves her.  He personally wheels her out on a gurney and takes her body to his boat, and in the chaos of the coming storm no one notices.  He drives out into the water and calls Hannah.  She is about to board the plane with Harrison and is happy about their future.  He talks to Harrison and tells him one last time that he loves him and to remember that every day until they see each other once again.  After Dexter hangs up, he takes Deb’s body, drops it overboard, and watches as it sinks.


He then decides that he needs to protect Hannah and Harrison from himself and steers his boat right into the storm. The storm is over and a rescue crew finds the wreckage from his boat floating in the water. Batista receives the call that Dexter is dead.  And Hannah reads about it while safely in Argentina with Harrison.


Just when you think it’s over, it cuts to a lumber yard, where we find Dexter very much alive and living a very sad and secret life.



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo: Showtime


Dexter’s second to last episode, “Monkey in a Box,” got a bit of a late start, but it was worth the extra few minutes we had to wait!


It starts off with Dexter cleaning up after finding Dr. Vogel dead and also removing info from her office that could possibly implicate him.  The police and crime scene techs arrive.  Dexter is interviewed, but is not allowed to work the scene.


Dexter heads to Deb’s house and tells her that Vogel has been murdered by Saxon and that he plans to go after him.  Hannah starts to show him the plans that she’s made for them to leave. Dexter also tells her of the murder and that he will use his last two days in Miami taking care of business.


Dexter meets with a realtor and they discuss selling his apartment.  He also meets with a potential buyer for his boat- officially making this move very real.


After heading to the office, Dexter begins researching places where Saxon might be and finds an abandoned hospital that looks promising.  While doing so, Masuka comes in to tell him that they found no fingerprints or trace evidence at Vogel’s crime scene that will help them find the killer.  Photo: Showtime


Masuka’s daughter comes in to tell Dexter that someone is in the interrogation room that needs his attention.  It’s Saxon, who has come under the pretense of clearing his name from Cassie’s murder.  He is alarmed that Dexter will take a DNA sample from him, but lets him take it.  Quinn lets him go and Dexter finds Deb (who has returned to work) to tell him what just happened.  The realize that the DNA sample will not tie him to Vogel and out him- as her son who was previously thought to be dead.


Dexter heads to the hospital in search of Saxon and finds his kill room, where he uncovers a laptop in a secret cabinet compartment.  On it are videos of all of his kills.  


Deb is in the office working when Deputy Marshall Clayton comes in looking for her.  He asks her about the blonde woman who brought Harrison into the ER and signed her name.  She told him that it was her who brought Harrison in and that the nurse who ID’d Hannah’s picture was wrong.  Clayton leaves, but says he’ll keep in touch.


Dexter, Deb, and other members of the force attend Vogel’s funeral service and then head to Papa’s Café for a drink.  Deb tells Dexter that everyone will miss him once he leaves and Matthews tells him that he is welcome back if he ever wants to return.  Dexter talks with Quinn and they discuss Quinn and Deb getting back together.  While there, his realtor calls and tells him that there is a buyer who wants to meet him and is willing to offer him cash if they could meet.  But, before he leaves, he talks to Batista, who calls for a toast in Dexter’s honor.  


Dexter shows up for his meeting with the buyer and finds Saxon with his realtor. The realtor begins her sales pitch, but Saxon asks if Dexter can show him around himself.  Once she leaves, Saxon tells Dexter that he has a proposal for him.  He asks that they both walk away from each other and forget about each other.  He confesses that killing his mother was a test—that he gave her one last chance to choose her and slit her throat when she didn’t.  He tells Dexter that if he comes after him he will lose, just like his mother did.  Saxon also brings up his sister, children, and even Hannah—who could all end up disappearing if Dexter continues to hunt him.


Clayton meets with Elway and tells him that he thinks that Hannah is at Deb’s house.  He asks him to help by looking around.



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Deb returns home to find Hannah once again cooking.  Elway shows up soon after and Hannah must hide so she isn’t seen.  He pretty much pushes his way through, tells her that he has some personal items that she left behind and also wants to apologize for how he acted when she left.  She tells Elway to leave and he does, but she knows that he is suspicious.  Hannah calls Dexter to tell him what happened and he rushes to Deb’s house. When he gets there he tells them about his meeting with Saxon. Hannah and Deb urge him to leave early, but he still feels as if he must continue with his plan. Deb drives Hannah to a motel near the airport and they discuss Dexter.  


Dexter goes back to his apartment to send a video to WGYK Miami that will out Saxon for who he really is.  He realizes that his need to kill has lessened since Hannah has come back into his life, but it is still there when it comes to Saxon.


Masuka’s daughter delivers a DNA report to Quinn and Deb and they see that Saxon is related to Vogel.  Deb goes to see Dexter and tells him what has happened and that a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  She has brought food and wants to stay and eat, but Dexter tells her that he’s expecting company and she can’t be there.  But Deb won’t let anything stand in the way of spending one last night with her brother, so she stays and cooks.


In the meantime, her house is being tossed around by the US Marshals, but it has been wiped clean so no trace of Hannah is found.  However, they do find her Internet search and realize that they might be heading to Argentina.


Dexter and Deb sit down to enjoy their meal and it is weird that he will soon be gone.  She is sad that he’s leaving and is afraid that she can’t live without him, but he tells her that she’ll be fine. She assures him that he is a good person inside, and not just because of The Code. While they are talking, a news report comes on and announces that they have received footage of Saxon’s grisly murders. He tells her that this is the reason that she must leave.


Saxon is pumping gas when he hears of the footage and is angry.  He hops in his truck and heads to Dexter’s apartment, where Dexter is literally lying in wait for him.  Saxon approaches him with a knife, but is surprised by not only Dexter, but also Deb. Dexter tranquilizes him and Deb leaves so Dexter can do what he has been waiting to do.


He brings Saxon to his own kill room and when he comes to, they have an almost friendly discussion before Dexter gets to work doing what he does best. Saxon tells Dexter that he hopes that he doesn’t wake up and stab Hannah, but Dexter confesses his immense love for her.  This revelation seems to knock any last bit of murderous need out of him. Instead of killing Saxon, he calls Deb to come and make an arrest.  Deb shows up and doesn’t realize that Clayton is following her.  She heads inside and Dexter tells her to arrest Saxon and gives her a story to tell her co-workers.  


Before she does, they head outside and say what should be their final goodbyes before Dexter leaves, which he does. Deb calls it in, but before she can return to the room, Clayton goes inside and finds Saxon, who tells him that he has been abducted.  Clayton foolishly releases him and he stabs Clayton. Deb comes in while this is happening and he shoots her.  She manages to call this in, too, but it doesn’t look good for her.


Dexter heads to his apartment to pack up the last of his things, completely unaware of what is happening.  Hannah is at the airport waiting for him and doesn’t realize that Elway is on her tail.

The show ends with Dexter and Harrison heading out to meet her. 

OMG!!  One episode is left!!  Will Deb survive?? Dexter?? How will it all end????


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo: Showtime

After what seemed like the longest two weeks ever, Dexter is back this week with episode 10, “Goodbye Miami.”


Vogel is still with her long lost son—she is acting like she’s his mom again, but he’s still angry with her for sending him away.  He feels that she cared more about his brother than him and is mad that she made more of an effort to help Dexter than she ever did for him.


Dexter tells Hannah that the search for her seems to be waning and the two discuss a game plan for leaving the country.  There is a lot to do before they can leave for Argentina and one of the main things he must do is continue with his plan to kill Daniel.  Deb arrives home and he tells her that they plan to flee together.  She’s not happy about their plan, which is not surprising.Photo: Showtime


Quinn and Jamie are having lunch together and she tells him about a job offer she has gotten in Atlanta.  She doesn’t want to go and leave him behind and he feels bad that she wants to stay in Miami because of him.


Dr. Vogel and Matthews meet so he can ask about the disappearance of Zack Hamilton. She doesn’t want to divulge any information about her patient. And even though he presses her for answers, she won’t give anything up.


Dexter is doing research on Daniel when he sees Vogel leaving Matthews’ office. She tells him why she is there and he tries to tell her that she is in danger. She assures him that her son won’t do anything and also admits that she’s seen Daniel.  She doesn’t want Dexter to find Daniel and kill him and thinks that she can once again have a good relationship with her son over time.  While pondering whether or not he should still pursue Daniel, Batista comes in to announce a new crime scene.


Deb meets Quinn for lunch and tells him that Dexter and Harrison will soon be leaving Miami, although she doesn’t tell him the real reason why.  She is upset, but he tries to tell her that Dexter’s leaving might be a good thing for him. She also tells him that she has her badge back.  Their lunch is cut short when he gets a text about the crime scene, too.


At the crime scene, they find a bike rider who was hit by a car.  Masuka’s daughter shows up, but he knows she is high and sends her home.  Dexter tells Batista that he will be leaving and Batista takes it surprisingly well.


Dexter tells Hannah that he still plans to kill Daniel before they leave and she wants him to do it quickly- so they can leave as soon as possible.



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Vogel once again encounters her son and he asks her to take a ride with him—although he assures her first that he doesn’t plan to hurt her.  He takes her to a psychiatric hospital and shows her that it is where he kills his victims and make her understand why he does what he does.  He also tells her he wants her to help him as she did for Dexter so he can exist in the world and be someone that she can love.  She agrees and promises to do whatever it takes.


Dexter goes to Vogel’s house and uses her hidden spare key to let himself in.  He finds spyware on the computer that Daniel installs and uses it to reverse the view and see Daniel’s computer.  He finds the videos that Daniel sent to her and sees the one that shows him killing Zack.


Batista is on the phone setting up a job posting for Dexter’s position when Deputy Marshall Clayton comes in.  He finds out that Dexter is leaving and pretty much figures out that Hannah is still in the picture—which is the real reason for his departure—although it isn’t the reason that Batista has given him.


Quinn asks Jamie if they can talk and admits that their relationship isn’t working out.  She thinks it is about Deb and he denies it.  She tells him that she will move out ASAP and leave him free to date Deb if he wants to. Deb arrives home to find Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison together.  She wants Dexter and Harrison to be happy, but is very upset and scared that they are leaving.  


Dexter calls Hannah while researching Argentina.  While on the phone, Vogel stops by to tell Dexter that moving with Hannah might be good for him.  He is suspicious of why Vogel wants him to leave and she admits that she wants him to leave Daniel alone so she can help him.  Dexter shows her the video he got from her computer and tells her that there is no hope for Daniel and that he will never change.  She seems to realize that perhaps Daniel cannot be helped.  Dexter asks her to set up a public meeting with Daniel and to call him and let him know the location so he can handle things.  Vogel asks Dexter not to let him suffer and leaves.  

While Deb plays outside with Harrison, she is approached by DM Clayton, who wants to ask her about Dexter and see if she knows anything about him and Hannah.  She denies knowing anything and when he leaves, she is definitely rattled.  They know that he has not backed down and now thinks that Dexter is helping Hannah hide.


Deb leaves to talk to Elway, who already knows that she plans to leave and is very unhappy with her decision.  He tells her that her office will be packed and her belongings will be sent to her. Elway then wishes her well.


Harrison is hurt while playing on Deb’s exercise bike. Deb calls Dexter but cannot reach him, so she must take him to the hospital herself and risk being seen.


Dexter sets up his kill room for Daniel, using a location and tricks he hasn’t used in a while.  


Meanwhile, Deb goes to the station and runs into Jamie, who is not so nice to her.  She tells Batista she will be coming back and he’s very happy.  Deb learns that Quinn ended his relationship with Jamie and she blames Deb for it.  Deb then confronts Quinn and he tells her that he ended things because he wasn’t happy and his kiss with Deb helped him realize it ever more. Quinn admits he still has feelings for Deb and she tells him that she still has feelings for him, too. They kiss and might just be back together.


The nurse from the ER speaks to DM Clayton and she tells him that the woman there looks like the picture of Hannah, but said she was Harrison’s mother. The signature on the log says Debra Morgan, but he knows better.


Dexter finally gets to see Harrison and Hannah and she tells him that she feels like she might be found out soon.  In the meantime, Vogel calls to tell him that Daniel is on the way to her house.  Dexter is unhappy that they aren’t meeting in a public place and he starts to go to her, but is torn between helping her and staying/protecting Hannah.


Vogel seems nervous around her son and he definitely notices, although she chalks it up to being tired.  But, he knows that she’s afraid. Dexter is on his way into the house when his phone rings.  Daniel has Vogel in the window and cuts her throat for once again choosing the wrong son before Dexter can go inside.  


Only two episodes left—what will next week bring?!?!



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo: Showtime

“Make Your Own Kind of Music” starts with Dexter in bed with Hannah (so it looks like she didn’t leave after all.) They profess their love for each other before he leaves to meet Dr. Vogel.


Dexter meets with Vogel at Zack’s studio and they discuss Zack’s demise. While they talk, Dexter searches the studio for clues about the killer and finds some that could have been left behind by Zack before he died.  Dexter vows to find the killer and avenge Zack’s murder. Elway speaks to Deputy Marshall Clayton about Hannah. He asks to be a part of the team, but is turned down.


Deb meets with Quinn and he tells her that Zack Hamilton is his person of interest in Cassie’s murder.  She heads right up to Dexter’s office to let him know and ask what his involvement is with the boy and Hannah.  Dexter tells her that he was helping Dr. Vogel and that Zack didn’t kill Cassie.  He also tells her that Zack is dead, although no one else knows it yet.


Dexter runs a text on the hair found in Zack’s studio and finds a familial match—to Dr. Vogel!  This means that the Brain Surgeon is related to her.  She tells him that she was once married and had two sons, but both are gone.  Her youngest, Richard, was murdered by her oldest, Daniel.  She explains that her oldest son was a psychopath and he is the reason that she entered her field.  She and her husband had said that Richard’s death was an accident and they put Daniel in an institution.  However, she was under the impression that Daniel had died in a fire years earlier.  Dexter thinks that it’s possible that Daniel faked his own death and is back committing the heinous murders.Photo: tv.yahoo.com


Dexter takes the picture that Vogel gives him and runs software to age it to Daniel’s age today.  He finds that Daniel Vogel is now Oliver Saxon- that man who was dating Cassie.  Batista brings Deputy Marshall Clayton in to meet Dexter and speak about Hannah McKay.  He tells Dexter he’s following up on a tip and wants to follow Dexter to make sure Hannah doesn’t try to make contact.  He also tells him that he’s getting the word out about her possibly being back in Miami and hopes to find her.


Dexter calls Hannah to warn her to lay low.  He then meets up with her and drives Hannah to pick up her money- since she shouldn’t be out by herself. Deb meets back up with Quinn and they once again discuss Cassie’s murder- and they also talk about Jamie and his relationship with her.


Dexter and Hannah arrive at Arlene’s house for the money.  While they’re there, Clayton shows up.  He sees Dexter there and demands to know why he’s there.  He pretends that he’s there to warn Arlene that Hannah might be back. Clayton questions Arlene about how she can afford her new house and Dexter tells him that he’s been helping her.


Deb heads to Dexter’s apartment so she can talk to Jamie about Cassie’s murder.  Jamie mentions Oliver and how he was really into the relationship, although Cassie didn’t seem to be into him the same way.  She calls Quinn and tells him that they should look into Oliver again.  They go to his home and ask him more questions.  Oliver’s answers contradict what Jamie had told Deb, so she’s suspicious of him.  Quinn tells Deb that it feels good to be working with her again and kisses her!  In the meantime, Dexter and Hannah manage to make a getaway from Arlene’s house.


Deb returns home and finds Dexter and Hannah waiting for her. He asks if Hannah can stay with her until he can get her out of Miami.  She reluctantly says yes and also tells him that she moved Quinn’s focus from Zack to Oliver.  Dexter tells her to be careful and will tell her why later.


Dexter goes to Oliver’s home and finds that he’s already moved out.  He finds a can in the trash and will test it to see if the DNA on it matches what he found in Zack’s studio.  While talking to Harrison about Hannah, Dexter gets an email that confirms that Oliver is Dr. Vogel’s son. He tells Vogel of his findings and she wants to know what he’ll do if he finds Oliver. She doesn’t want Dexter to kill him and feels she might have a second chance with her son.


Dexter lies and tells her that he won’t kill him, but wants her help in finding him.  She tells Dexter about a café that they used to visit when he was a child where he loved to play the song left behind for Dexter with Zack’s body.  Dexter tells Vogel that he thinks that Oliver is spying on her via spyware on her computer and asks her to write a fake blog entry about going to the café in order to get him to go there.


Dexter talks to Hannah about what is happening. He’s glad to have her there to talk to.  She wishes she could keep being there, but knows she has to leave and hopes that Dexter could go with her.  Dexter tells Hannah he and Harrison will go with her. Will he really?



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Matthews asks Batista if he knows where Zack Hamilton might be. His parents are concerned that they haven’t seen him and have filed a missing persons report.  Batista agrees to tell him if he hears anything and then goes to meet Deb to welcome her back to the force. She isn’t super happy about returning, but takes her shield with her. On her way out of the meeting she runs into Quinn and he tells her that Oliver has gone missing.  


Deb returns home and finds that Hannah has cleaned and is making dinner. Deb doesn’t seem interested in making what Hannah has made, which is understandable. Hannah sees Deb’s badge and asks if she’s returning to the force.  But Deb is unsure because of the fact that her brother is a serial killer and she’s harboring another in her home. She does end up sitting down to eat with Hannah and the two see to be grudgingly getting along.


Clayton shows up at Dexter’s apartment to check in and tell him that he thinks that the Hannah threat has died down and that he wants to pull his protective detail. Clayton still seems suspicious, though.


Deb goes back to the office and Elway questions her about Hannah and the fact that she used to date her brother.  Elway thinks she’s lying and is angry that she’d hold back the details.  He also tells Deb that she should rethink her position at the company and should leave if she doesn’t want to be there.


Dexter visits Vogel and they discuss how she will lure Daniel/Oliver to Dexter so that he can sedate him in order to bring him to a new facility. But Dexter doses her tea with a chemical that puts her to sleep so he could take care of Oliver his own way without her having to know what is happening.


As predicted, Oliver goes to the café and plays the song from his childhood over and over while he waits. Dexter waits for him outside and plans to follow him so that he can quietly grab him. Oliver knows that Dexter is watching him and looks right as him as he pulls out of the parking lot.  Dexter can’t follow him because the air has been let out of his tires. He is afraid that Oliver will head to Vogel and tries to call her. Dexter eventually gets to her house to warn her and she is angry that she’s been drugged.  She no longer wants his help and wants to handle things on her own now.  Dexter still plans to kill Oliver and will then leave with Hannah and Harrison to start a new life.


The show ends with Vogel and Oliver together…can they be a happy mother and son again??


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo: tv.yahoo.com

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Lead Actors from Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Show Boat Lend Their Voices in Support of Arts Center Directed by Newtown Cultural Arts Commission


Newtown, CT,  August 6, 2013 -- The 2013 Newtown Arts Festival announces a special benefit concert, “Broadway Sings for Newtown,” to be held as part of the festival’s eight days of cultural programming on Thursday, September 19 at Walnut Hill Community Church, 156 Walnut Hill Road, in Bethel at 7 p.m. All tickets are $35 general admission and are available at NewtownArtsFestival.com.

A cast of Broadway stars will take to the stage and perform two acts of music with such favorites as Ring Them Bells, You’ll Never Walk Alone, and You Raise Me Up, among others. J. Mark McVey (Les Miserables, Tommy, Chess, Show Boat, Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Actor);  Jeri Sager (CATS, Fiddler on the Roof, Les Miserables, Evita); Danny Zolli (Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Candide, Sweeney Todd);  Gary Mauer (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Show Boat, Pirates of Penzance);  Elizabeth Southard (Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Show Boat); and Kate Schindle (Miss America 1998, Legally Blonde, Jekyll & Hyde, Cabaret).  Local youth ensembles will round out the cast and will be announced in coming weeks.

Produced by Pati Buehler of PB Entertainment, the concert staff includes J.P. Schutz, host/MC; Jeremy Roberts, music director and pianist, Abe Saenz on bass and Roger Cohen on drums. Renee Chambers choreographs. Walnut Hill Community Church has donated the venue and technical staff. Proceeds go to the Healing Arts Foundation, an arts center for the Newtown community. To make a donation visit Healingnewtown.org.

For more information, or to purchase tickets to “Broadway Sings for Newtown,” please visit NewtownArtsFestival.com.


About the 2013 Newtown Arts Festival

The 2013 Newtown Arts Festival features a week of cultural programming leading up to the outdoor event to be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 21-22 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Trades Lane, Fairfield Hills.

 With two-full days of programming in the Music Tent, Dance Pavilion, Lecture Hall and Fiber Arts Tent, the festival will also feature over 80 artists in the Artists’ Market offering a variety of items including painting, jewelry, woodwork, glasswork, sculpture, and more.

In addition to the Broadway Sings for Newtown concert, events leading up to the outdoor festival include a Children’s Art Party at NYA Sports & Fitness on Sunday, September 15 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.; a reading of the one act play “O Heavy Lightness” by Newtown resident Jan Neuberger at the Alexandria Room in Edmond Town Hall on Monday, September 16 at 7 p.m.; a screening of the new film, “Youth,” by Newtown High School student Max Galassi at Newtown Congregational Church on Tuesday, September 17 at 7 p.m.; a cello and violin recital by the Elaris Duo on Wednesday, September 18 at the Newtown Meeting House at 7 p.m.; and, the Rooster Ball, a dinner dance, on Friday, September 20 under the main tent at Fairfield Hills.

For more information, please visit http://newtownartsfestival.com.


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The show started right where last week’s ended—with Cassie’s murder and crime scene analysis.  Dexter should be focusing on the killer, but instead is thinking about Hannah.  Of course, he already knows who killed Cassie, doesn’t he?  And he wonders if Cassie would still be alive if he had focused more on Zack instead of Hannah.


Dexter seems very upset with himself that he once again has feelings for Hannah. He meets up with her and they discuss helping her make a clean getaway.  They also discuss how she cleaned up after herself so that no evidence of the murder can tie her to it.


Dexter checks the blood that was taken from under Cassie’s nails and it matches Zack’s.  But, he decides to keep the evidence to himself so that Zack doesn’t get caught.  On his way out of the office, Quinn stops him to show him victim pics from Cassie’s murder and that of Norma Rivera.  


He, too, notices that they look very similar.


Dr. Vogel is told of the murder and is upset that The Code doesn’t seem to be working for Zack.  She and Dexter discuss what to do about Zack.Photo: hitfix.com


Deb shows up at Dexter’s apartment. They wait for Jamie to leave and Deb brings up Hannah.  She wants to know if the woman is an immediate threat and why she is still around.  Dexter explains that she is in Miami because of her husband and that she approached Dexter about killing him. Dexter lets her know that he didn’t kill the man and that she only poisoned them to get his attention—not to kill them.


Deb is understandably upset and Dexter assures her that she will be gone forever once she gets a passport.  Deb leaves still upset and when Dexter goes outside, he finds Jamie standing in front of Cassie’s door.  She tells Dexter that she has moved in with Quinn and would prefer to spend more time there than at his place- which is so close to the crime scene.


Dexter once again meets up with Hannah to figure out the details of her passport. He has to go to the Keys for the night and asks if she would like to go with him. He doesn’t yet tell her why he’s going, but tells her that she would be safer with him.


Deb talks to Elway about Hannah and tells him that she thinks Hannah is back in Miami.  To try and prove her theory, she brings him to the marina to show him her yacht—which is now missing from its slip. She tells him the alias that Hannah is using as well as her dislike for the woman.


Jamie is upset that Quinn will be leaving her alone in the apartment.  Even though Harrison is with her, she doesn’t want to be without Quinn in the wake of her friend’s killer.  Quinn wants to go out and find Cassie’s killer, but tells her he will stay with her instead.


Deb goes back to her house and calls Dexter to check in and ask if he’s seen Hannah.  He lies and says he hasn’t seen her and is on his way to dinner. Deb offers to meet him, but he blows her off because Hannah is actually in the seat next to him.  Dexter and Hannah discuss what she has told the crew of her boat and then he tells her why he is on his way to the Keys.  He tells her he is in search of Zack, why he is looking for him, and about Dr. Vogel and The Code. She wants to know why he is trying to solve the problem with Zack, but never did the same with her. Deb is on the road and calls Elway, who tells him what she found out about the yacht and its location.  She tells him that she’s on her way to the Keys to look for Hannah and also speculates that she killed her MIA husband.



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Dexter and Hannah make it to the Keys and stop for some lunch on the beach.  They seem very comfortable with each other and Dexter seems very happy to be with her.  While they are eating, a cop car pulls up and the two get very worried. Luckily, the officers are there for lunch and they manage to leave without incident. They arrive at their destination and Dexter breaks into the room, which he finds (set up like one of his kill rooms) plastic sheeting and tarps everywhere and a set of very sharp knives on the bed.  It isn’t perfect, so Dexter fixes it in order to use it later when he finally tracks Zack down.


Quinn speaks with Cassie’s boyfriend and shows him a photo of Zack. He asks if he recognizes him, but the boyfriend can only say that he look familiar.


Back at the office, Quinn and Masuka are standing watching Nikki cleanse the office of bad juju.  While doing so, Matthews arrives and asks if they have any leads on their case.


Dexter and Hannah are in the hotel room when Zack arrives.  Dexter throws him against the wall and questions him about Cassie’s murder.  He swears that he didn’t do it, but a friend from high school, Shawn Decker, may have killed her.  He shows Dexter his picture and swears that he is there following him—which is part of The Code.  He found Shawn, and has already killed him.  Instead of sedating him, he hit him over the head to take him down—which unfortunately went too far.  He has the body in his car and Dexter explains how to do it right the next time and also how to dispose of the body and evidence so it can’t come back to Zack. He leaves Hannah to take care of the room while he and Zack leave to take care of things. He also learns that Zack cut himself on the car handle and wonders if that is how his blood may have gotten under Cassie’s nails.


After the boys leave, Deb shows up and threatens to arrest Hannah. Hannah tells her that she’ll give her up as an accessory to murder if she arrests her, which doesn’t seem to faze Deb at all.  Hannah tells her that she doesn’t enjoying killing, but uses it as a way to solve problems that she cannot otherwise solve.  She also admits that she still loves Dexter. Dexter comes back while they are still talking and Deb admits that she found them via a GPS that she placed in his car.  She leaves in a huff and soon Dexter, Hannah, and Zack are back on the road heading home.


Dexter brings Zack to Dr. Vogel’s house and tells him that the teen seems to be learning The Code very quickly.  Vogel sees Hannah in the car and asks that she come in with them for dinner.  Hannah and Dr. Vogel meet for the first time, enjoy the meal, and enjoy some conversation about their interests.


Vogel tells Dexter and Hannah that they make a good, yet bad couple and makes Zack a bit uncomfortable.  While they’re talking, Dexter becomes quiet and admits that he’s thinking about Cassie’s murder.  He shows everyone the pictures from the crime scene and Zack notices right away that it is very similar to Norma Rivera’s murder.  Dexter feels that perhaps Zack has been framed and someone intentionally made his car door handle sharp in order to get his blood to plant under Cassie’s nails.


Jamie brings Harrison to Batista’s house and asks if she can stay there for the night so she won’t be alone.  He agrees and Jamie seems to feel much better.


Deb heads back to the office and she tells Elway that she couldn’t find Hannah and that the woman has probably already fled the country.  It is very strange that Deb has given up so easily, but perhaps she knows deep down that Dexter truly loves Hannah and turning her in might not be the right thing to do after all.  She tells Elway that she isn’t sure if being a private investigator is right for her and that she wants her job to mean more than just a paycheck.  


Dexter brings Hannah to a hotel room to hide out and Dr. Vogel is left to take Zack home.  Dexter offers to be back early the next morning to get Hannah, but she declines the offer so she won’t have to say goodbye again. He instructs her what to do once she has left the country so that she can safely disappear. He leaves her with her passport and tells her that he will wait to one day hear from her again. She kisses him and what should be their last kiss ends up being a last romantic encounter.

Dexter finally leaves and goes back to his apartment. He finds the radio on and Zack dead in his desk chair with the back of his head taken off- possibly thanks to the Brain Surgeon.  He gets rid of the body, and it looks like Dr. Vogel has another macabre souvenir.


Just as Hannah is boarding the plane, Dexter shows up and begs her to stay, but considering Elway has let it be known that Hannah was in the area and had a new name, she should definitely leave.  

But will she?



Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo: hitfix.com

 5 tips to make small space feel larger such as buying simple and space-saving furniture, investing in multifunctional furniture, using light colors... 

Living in a small space is the choice of many people, and whatever our reason for this choice is, we always think about how to make our small space look bigger. By applying the below simple tricks, you can make the interior design of your small room more harmonious and spacious. 


1.      Buy Simple and Space-saving Furniture 

  • Simple furniture is the best choice for small rooms. They exclude unnecessary details; floating shelves is one example; they are so cool because of their simple design. Another suggestion is wall to wall bookcases, where you can put all your books, decorative accents, and other small things. 



  • You should limit unnecessary details and volumes in furniture. They may be decorative, but they are not suitable for small rooms. Choose simple window drapes without oversized ruffles, armless chairs with exposed legs, and so on.

  • Take the advantage of the corners! You can buy shelves and other furniture that can be placed at the corners; a small corner shelf can store your small things without being the obstacle in your room. An alternative is to place normal rectangle furniture at the corner, and then you have additional empty space behind to store your stuffs! Find your ideal furniture with Home Depot.





2.      Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture may be larger than normal furniture pieces, but since they can serve several purposes, you will need fewer pieces, and you will feel easier to tidy up the room. Therefore, you should buy some smart furniture instead of spreading tons of small pieces in your room. Sofa beds, expendable tables, and folding chairs are just some of many smart choices for you.





3.      Use Light Colors

  • Pain the walls with light colors: although dark colors look trendy and impressive, you should use light colors, including whites and pastel hues, as the major scheme of the room because they reflect light well and hence make the room look more airy.

  • The floor and the major furniture in the room should be in the same color family with the walls. This makes the whole room looks more harmonious.




4.      Add glasses

  • See-through furniture such as glass tables, glass chairs, and glass shelves, though still consumes some space, can fool the eyes and make the room looks more airy. They allow you to see the floor and the stuffs behind and under them; they can also reflect light. Most of all, glass furniture is elegant and sophisticated, and that is suitable for a modern living space.



  • Mirror is one of the must-haves for a small room. Again, the lighter, the wider! You can install an oversized mirror for the living room and a smaller designer mirror for the bedroom. If you want to buy on a budget, use coupon codes to get extra discounts.


5.      Add and Utilize Natural Elements

  • A vase of flowers or a bonsai is space-saving but can bring to the room a more comfortable and breathable feeling. Your room will feel wide enough to appreciate the natural beauty besides containing functional furniture.



  • Make a big window so that the interior space can fall in line with natural view outside, and then your narrow room will look brighter and more open. 

You have had in your hand the key rules to furnish a small room. Why not start a home improvement plan now? 


Tiffany Faming has passion for home decorating and writing. She wants to share her experiences to those who want to improve home effectively. Read her posts about frugal shopping schemes, home improvement tips and great coupons on home furnitures. 

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“Dress Code” starts with Dexter being awakened with a phone call, but he’s on the ground instead of at home.  It’s Dr. Vogel, wondering where he’s been and to let him know that Zack Hamilton called her.  He’s still reeling from seeing Hannah and calls Deb to come and get him—because apparently Hannah also drugged him and left him stranded in the middle of nowhere. They discuss what to do about Hannah and decide to try to find her via the traffic cameras in the area.


Later, Dexter is at home getting ready to put in a request for the traffic footage when Zack Hamilton shows up at his door (because Dexter missed an early meeting with the boy).  He is worried that he may have been followed to his home since he’s being watched.  They speak for a few minutes about how Zack should be acting and how he will help him, and then Dexter sends him on his way.Photo: Showtime


Deb is looking Hannah up online when Elway comes in and asks about what she’s doing—and also to ask if she wants lunch. Deb feels he is a little too close and flirts too much.  Elway backs off, but reminds her that she should be nicer to him because he did a lot to help her get the job.


While watching the camera footage, Dexter finds Hannah and gets the license plate number of her rental. He calls the rental agency and pretends to be a cop in order to get some information about Hannah. She gives him the name that Hannah is using, along with her address and phone number.


Quinn is helping Jamie find an apartment because she’s ready to move out of her brother’s home.  She broaches the subject about them eventually moving in together and he agrees to think about it.


Masuka’s daughter apologizes for freaking out about the money he tried to give her.  He asks if she wants to meet up, but she has to work.


Dexter watches Hannah and finds that she seems to be living the high life with a new man.  She gets into a limo and he follows her as she and her mystery man arrive at a member’s only club.  Dexter tries to get in, but is denied.  He calls Zack and asks if his father is a member of the club and asks him to help him get in.  Zack arrives, the two enter the club, and they look for Hannah. Dexter approaches Hannah and leaves Zack to watch out for the mystery man.  She tells him that her name is now Maggie, yet doesn’t want to surrender much more info other than that the man is her husband.  Her husband, Miles, arrives and she introduces the two.  Miles already knows about Dexter, but only what he has heard from Maggie. Zack asks Dexter what is going on, but Dexter tells him he will tell him about it later.


Dexter looks Miles up online and finds that he is rich and powerful enough to have helped Hannah change her identity.  Deb arrives and Dexter tells her that he found Hannah and that she’s married and with a new name.  He tells her he is working on a plan, but she is afraid that he might still be too enamored with her to think clearly.


Masuka heads to the sports bar where his daughter claims to be employed and finds her—as a topless waitress!  


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Dr. Vogel speaks to Deb about Hannah’s return.  Deb wants nothing more than to turn her in, but she can’t because Hannah knows too much.  For now, she needs to rely on Dexter and his plan.


Masuka goes to Dexter to ask if they could get someone to help with all of their paperwork. After he leaves, Zack Hamilton walks into the office and requests the police back off of him. Quinn objects, but Matthews assures him that they will leave him alone. As Quinn is leaving the office—very pissed off—he tells Batista that he and Jamie are moving in together.


Dexter is waiting for Zack when he leaves. They discuss a little of The Code. He tells Zack that he has to be more patient and careful as well as show more control.


Miles approaches Dexter at the gas station and threatens to call in some “favors” if Dexter doesn’t back off of his wife.  He texts Hannah to find out where she is and she tells him to meet her at the Greenhouse. He meets her there and he lets her know about his confrontation with Miles.  She tells him that he’s not a violent type of threat, but definitely someone who can ruin his life with just a few phone calls.  She also explains how she and Miles met and how he helped her reinvent herself after her prison escape.  Dexter asks why she came back and drugged him and Deb.  She had hoped it would lead him to her and that he would help her kill Miles, who apparently is smothering her.  Not only that, she reveals that she is still in love with Dexter.  He feels the same way about her, but she runs off before anything can happen.


Deb visits Elway’s office and he is still mad at how she acted earlier.  She tells him that she knows that he is interested in her, but that he shouldn’t pursue her. She leaves to visit Dexter and runs into Cassie. The two discuss Dexter and Cassie seems to still be interested in her neighbor.


Masuka meets up with his daughter after her shift and offers her a job with him.  She doesn’t seem too interested, but promises to think about it.


Dr. Vogel speaks with Dexter about Zack.  She tells him that he must take his job as Zack’s mentor seriously.  


Dexter is grabbed by three men and beaten up.  A warning from Miles??  Probably! It makes him worried for Hannah that Miles might hurt her, too.


Deb apologizes to Elway and also thanks him for helping her through the past year.


Zack once again visits Dexter’s apartment, but he isn’t home.  Cassie comes out to let him know that Dexter isn’t home and asks if she can give him a message.  Zack leaves very angry.


Hannah returns to her yacht after a shopping trip and Miles lets her know that he knows she and Dexter met at the greenhouse.  He tells her that their meeting has consequences for Dexter and also gets too rough with her.  While this is happening, Dexter is lurking nearby and eventually finds his way onto the yacht.  He walks in to find Miles dead on the floor and Hannah sitting next to the body.  He will help her out and gives her a list of supplies to get so he can do so.  Dexter dumps Miles’ body into the water as he usually does, this time taking Hannah with him. Deb is watching as the two leave his boat.  She tells Dexter that she doesn’t intend to kill him and gives him a little info about her future plans.  While they’re talking Dexter receives a text about a crime scene—at his apartment building!  He leaves Hannah behind and Deb still watches.


Dexter enters the crime scene, which is apartment almost identical to his—and finds Cassie dead on the floor.  She’s been bludgeoned to death, and he remembers that Norma Rivera was also killed in a similar way.  


Did Zack kill her??


  Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime

Sex and the City and Girls are two of the most popular shows targeted towards a female audience in the last two decades.


None will forget the opening montage of Sex and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker in her nude, barely there nightie running aimlessly through the streets of NYC, and Lena Dunham became a household name virtually overnight at the broadcast of the first Girls episode.Cynthia Nixon,Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Kristin Davis from "Sex in the City 2."


In SATC, Parker’s gaggle of gals became the staple of every girl group across America because of their “fearless” sexual conversations on a scripted show about “career” women....and Girls has become arguably the most controversial comedy since it hit the airwaves two seasons ago. At the onset of their debuts, both female-driven shows became both adored and abhorred by loyal viewers whether in spite (or despite) of the characters’ flaws and strengths.


But what have SATC and Girls really done for the modern day feminist movement to date?  In SATC, women marveled at the outlandish fashion and the characters’ conversations about their sexual encounters, however the characters never (with the exception of Samantha) defied the glass ceilings that exist for many women in their positions.  At one point in the series, Carrie had relationship problems because her career was much more successful at the time than her men.


Despite the commitment to their careers, their lives still revolved around men. They were women living in a man's world, and doing well, but they never made it a “woman’s world.” Perhaps they saw a man’s world through a woman’s eyes, but their lives and happiness were still run by men (i.e. Mr. Big, Aiden, etc.).  For the better part of the show, Carrie spent her time pining over Mr. Big, a man who continually let her down, cheated on her, and demeaned her.  


Perhaps SATC was exhilarating at first.  For the first time in television history, women didn’t just have an opinion on sex, they owned their sexuality as well. They dressed sexy to prove a point, not necessarily because they were proactively chasing sex.  But the end of the day, despite their lavish lifestyles, were still insecure about their role as single women in modern society. They were women who felt self-conscious in their 30s as “single.”  That doesn’t exactly scream, “I am woman, hear me roar,” like Shoshanna in last season’s Girls.Girls photo: diaryyummymummy.blogspot.com


So what did they do to advance the women’s movement? Nothing, really.  As a young woman in her twenties, I don’t see the characters of SATC or Girls as any role models at all.  In fact, they seem just as vulnerable and scared as any 19-year old woman in college, or young female professional like the characters in Girls, and perhaps that is why so many of us at that age loved the show, and now brush it off as a “guilty pleasure” in our late 20s and early 30s.


As for Girls, it is merely a prequel to Sex and the City.  It doesn’t make young females look strong or intelligent.  It makes them look silly and emotional. How can one forget the scene in the latest Girls season where Marni lost her cool over her ex-boyfriend and does a cringe-worthy rendition of Kanye West’s “Stronger.”


Mostly, “Girls” is a reminder of how naive young women are in their 20s, and the bad choices that can result from such naivete.  But it does so in such an aggressive and sloppy manner that it’s off-putting to this generation of young women.


The modern day feminist movement exists, but hopefully women don’t look to Sex and the City or Girls for inspiration.


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SATC photo: Warner Bros

Girls photo: diaryyummymummy.blogspot.com 

“A Little Reflection” begins with an accident.  Zack Hamilton is on the scene.  Dexter watches while Hamilton takes pictures and also ponders whether or not he killed Norma Rivera.


Dexter follows Hamilton and finds him at Dr. Vogel’s.  He asks why she is seeing Hamilton as a patient and also lets her know his suspicions.  She doesn’t offer him any details, but asks that Dexter see her first if he finds any proof that Hamilton is guilty.


Masuka reads over the report that Deb provides him about his daughter and finds that she is in financial trouble, which leads him to further wonder if money is the true reason for her sudden appearance.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Deb’s boss asks her to take a new case—but it’s personal because he wants her to check on his sister’s boyfriend and see if he’s cheating!  She feels a little uncomfortable taking a case involving her boss, but agrees to do it.


Jamie and Dexter discuss Cassie and his possible new relationship with her.  While they’re talking, he gets a text about a new homicide and has to leave. On the scene he finds a murdered woman whose boyfriend may be the killer.  He also once again finds Zack Hamilton there taking pictures.  Dexter approaches Hamilton and asks if he’s ever been on “the other side of the tape.”  He invites Hamilton to get a closer look at the body and tells him some of what they found at the scene.  Hamilton seems to enjoy what he’s hearing and also seems to think of it as a tutorial as to what to do and what not to do when killing someone.


Dexter finally meets up with Cassie and they grab a bite to eat and chat.  They seem to be getting along just fine, although it is also a bit awkward since Dexter has to watch what he tells her.


Deb and his boss begin their new case and discuss family, all the while staking out the boyfriend.


Dexter visits Hamilton in what appears to be his photo studio.  The walls are covered in crime scene photos and Hamilton seems to be very proud of his work.  Hamilton says something a little strange about feeling as if the woman he photographed earlier spilled all of her blood for him.  Does that make him a murderer, or simply a sadistic voyeur?  While they are talking Hamilton gets an odd phone call and abruptly cuts their meeting short.


Matthews and Batista discuss the promotion again and Batista still seems on the fence as to who should get the job.  He knows that Miller scored higher, but is having a hard time choosing her over Quinn.


Deb and Dexter have dinner at his apartment just like they used to do.  It looks as if things are less awkward between the siblings and they chat while they eat.  They discuss Vogel, and while they are doing that, Jamie comes in with the missing remote.  Harrison had said he hadn’t taken it, but she found it under his bed, which makes Dexter wonder if he should be worried that his son is lying.


Batista finally makes a decision and tells Quinn that Miller is the more qualified candidate.  Quinn is obviously unhappy about the decision and asks if it was based on the fact that the Norma Rivera case has yet to be solved.  He leaves Batista’s office and asks Dexter if he has anything on Hamilton.  Dexter tells him he doesn’t, which prompts Quinn to decide to watch Hamilton.  Dexter knows that if Quinn is watching Hamilton he can’t, too, so he offers to tag along.  While on their watch, they discuss Deb.  Dexter also notices that Hamilton seems to be keeping his eye on one woman in particular, who also happens to be the subject of a photo he found in Hamilton’s studio.


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Deb and her boss continue their stakeout of the possible cheater.  She goes in as bait to see if the suspect hits on her.  She also goes in wired so her boss can get it all on tape.  He totally takes the bait, which proves that he is definitely cheating.  Elway confronts the man and tells him to break up with her sister. He also seems a little too protective of Deb.  Could he like her as more than just a boss?


Dexter does a search to find out who Hamilton’s mystery woman is—Sophia Fuentes.  He wonders if she might possibly be Hamilton’s next victim and heads to his studio to see if he can find any evidence that proves he’s a murderer.  He finds a flash drive hidden in a camera and on it are pictures of Norma Rivera just minutes after she’s murdered.  Also in the pics are Zack Hamilton holding the murder weapon.


Dexter visits Vogel with his findings and she admits that she already knew that Zack Hamilton murdered Norma Rivera.  He tells her that Hamilton killed an innocent woman and plans on killing another, so he needs to die.


Dexter and Harrison go to Jamie’s birthday party.  Masuka is there with his daughter. He gives her $5,000 and also tells her that he checked into her background.  She seems offended that he would think that she was there for only money and gives the money back to him before walking off.  Jamie finds out that Quinn didn’t get the promotion and also walks off angry. Cassie is also there—and she has a date (??) with her, which bothers Dexter.


Deb and Elway discuss the outcome of their case and how it affected his sister.  Her cheating boyfriend broke up with her, although it doesn’t make her boss feel much better. Dexter talks to Harrison about the broken remote and he tells his son that he shouldn’t lie.  But Harrison tells his father that he lies and shows him the blood stained stuffed toy that Dexter thought he threw away.  Harrison rescued him from the trash and wants to know if he can still keep the DNA stained dog.  Dexter lets him keep it.


Dexter once again visits Hamilton’s studio.  When he knocks and there is no answer, he lets himself in.  Hamilton is nowhere to be found, but Dexter finds a receipt for a new car.  He realizes that Hamilton knew better than to use his own car again and that he is going to be killing Sophia Fuentes that night.  He finds out if Fuentes is working, goes to her job, and sees Hamilton watching Fuentes and Quinn watching Hamilton.  To get Quinn to leave the scene, he calls Jamie and gets her to call Quinn so he will leave to go to her.  It works, and he doesn’t haven’t to worry about Quinn seeing what may happen shortly.Photo/Video credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime


Fuentes shows up and she is with Zack’s father.  Just like Norma, she is another of Mr. Hamilton’s mistresses!  Zack is on the move, but it looks like his father might just be his intended victim this time!  Before he can get to his father, Dexter gets to him.  While he is trying to move Zack, Quinn shows up and Dexter thinks he’s caught, but Quinn only says that he knows Dexter is there to keep an eye on Zack and drives away.


Dexter gets Zack safely to the kill room and Zack lets him know that his motives for murder are protecting his mother.  That his father’s infidelities are slowly killing her and he wants to make sure she isn’t hurt anymore.  While it may be true, Dexter also knows that Zack enjoys the murders too much.  Zack agrees that he enjoys killing, can’t help what he is, and that he will do it again if Dexter lets him go.  Dexter considers going through with the murder, but decides that he could be the person to help Zack as his father helped him. He lets him go and will mentor him.


Dexter talks to Deb and lets her know that he will be taking Zack under his wing.  While they are talking, Deb begins feeling woozy and passes out.  Dexter rushes to her side to see what is wrong.  He looks up and finds none other than Hannah McKay in her doorway.  


She’s back!  But, why?


Valerie Schirmer is a freelance writer/editor who has written about a wide variety of topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites. She currently resides in South Jersey with her husband, daughter, and a crazy dachshund.


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