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Philadelphia Politics and Communities

Philadelphia city government.  From the Philadelphia City Council to the various unions that operate within the city to the seemingly endless number of departments that comprise the Philadelphia city government we have it covered.  And, we're on top of the national topics as well from the BP Oil Spill to Unemployment and other hot button issues.

As mentioned before, Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods and communities made up of a wide array of ethnicities and backgrounds. Each community feels a sense of ownership in their neighborhood and each has its own unique and distinct personality. It’s one of the many things that make Philadelphia a truly unique American city. And we recognize that as well as anyone, which is why we devote a team of writers to cover every nook, every cranny of this great city and its surrounding areas.

Philly2Philly Pet of the Week

Each week on Philly2Philly we will feature an animal of the week. Thanks to our partner at Northeast Animal Rescue, each week you will get a chance to adopt a cat or dog from these wonderful folks!

For the official Pet of the Week page click here.

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This week, we profile Marlow!

For more Information on Marlow, check out this link here!