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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp, Phillies - Giants NLCS Rematch, and John Boehner's Debt Ceiling Battle


The Omelette Tuesday July 26, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Set to Begin

With the NFL Lockout finally over, NFL players can get back to football. And, Eagles fans can start making plans for their annual trips up to Lehigh University to see the Eagles in training camp. The Eagles will report to training camp on Wednesday and begin their first public practice on Friday. 

Merrill Reese was happy as a pig in you know what when he called into Howard Eskin's show yesterday and rightfully so.  Even though we all "knew" the NFL owners and players would find a way to get this done, there was still that little bit of doubt that it would ever get "done."

The Eagles - Cardinals trade involving Kevin Kolb doesn't seem to be as close as many in the local and national media would have you believe. At least not according to NFL.com's Jason La Canfora. He states that the deal "will take longer" than expected as the Eagles are hoping to get a first round pick for Kolb.

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Phillies - Giants NLCS Rematch Begins Tonight

The Phillies and Giants will finally face off for the first time this season since Ryan Howard looked at strike 3 for the final out in Game 6 of the NLCS. The Phillies will face Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain in this series, but they have homefield advantage. Not to mention, the Giants have a mediocre 27-25 record on the road this year. The Phillies have a major league best 37-16 record at The Bank this year.

Lost in all of the hoopla surrounding the Phillies - Giants series and the ending of the NFL lockout is the MLB Trade Deadline. Just what will the Phillies do? Philly2Philly's Matt Babiarz offers some opinions on what the Phillies may do in his column today.

Vance Worley takes the hill for the Phillies against Barry Zito at 7:05 at The Bank. 

John Boehner and President Obama's Ultimate Pissing Match

President Obama and John Boehner just cannot agree to a compromise on the debt ceiling debacle. Both sides are pointing fingers and Americans are left scratching their heads as to what the hell is going on in Washington. President Obama gave a primetime address last night and blasted Republicans for failing to meet in the middle. John Boehner claims he has a debt plan which can pass both the House and the Senate.

Unless you're a Tea Party supporter, (who hopes things get worse in hopes they get better) this is about as aggravating of a situation you'll ever see. Millions of Americans are disgusted over this situation, which has become a full-blown soap opera. Anybody with half a brain understands that spending has to be reeled in. That's still no excuse for both sides to fail to meet in the middle. And, it's the fault of both parties.

A recent poll by CNN found that 51% of Americans would blame Republicans for a default if there isn't a debt ceiling compromise. This is compared to 30% who would blame Obama if Congress fails to act.

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