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Luna, Hannah, Kruk and LA have been adopted.

When it comes to the government, they certainly don't have a reputation for being the most friendly to businesses. But this long formed dynamic doesn't have to stay that way.

Baron has been adopted.

When an entrepreneur starts a business, he/she aims to succeed. There exist many theories that explain the secrets to success in business. Some of these arguments are misleading and cause the failure of many companies.

Tamara the purring machine!

Running a business is hard work; everybody knows that. From marketing to finances and everything in between, it's easy for an up-and-coming entrepreneur in the heart of Philadelphia to get a bit lost in the process of it all.

Surf's up! Malibu Kitty is more fun than a day at the beach! Sunny and warm, Malibu is a sweet little girl. She also loves to have fun and is often found playing with her siblings.

Have you seen volunteers in your community and you’ve always wondered how you can give back yourself? Giving back to your city or town is beneficial to your mind, body, and self-worth.

Connie is one cool cat. She's laid-back and cuddly, and is very much a lap cat.

Philadelphia isn’t often the first city to come to mind when people consider places to establish a startup business, but in the past couple of years, the number of startups in the area has been on the raise.