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NAR is pleased to announce that Lily, Lace, Little Monster, Maggie, and Mochi have been adopted!!

Cara is a very talkative and curious young lady who is ready to leave the days of living on the streets behind, and devote her time to playing with toys, talking to you, and watching the wildlife from a sunny windowsill.

In a recent trip to Philadelphia, Rotary International’s President

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NAR is thrilled to announce that Myleeah, Tallulah and Daryl have been adopted!

NAR is pleased to announce that Desmond, Karli, and Salem have been adopted!

(Salem has been adopted!)

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NAR is thrilled to announce that Rayna (featured 12/2013), Kendra (featured last week), and Teagan (featured 01/2014) have found their forever homes this past week!!

Meet Elli – a special needs girl who makes up in spunk what she lacks in coordination!  Elli has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH, a congenital condition affecting her motor skills.