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In a recent trip to Philadelphia, Rotary International’s President

The enactment of the

NAR is thrilled to announce that Myleeah, Tallulah and Daryl have been adopted!

NAR is pleased to announce that Desmond, Karli, and Salem have been adopted!

(Salem has been adopted!)

When I decided to review

NAR is thrilled to announce that Rayna (featured 12/2013), Kendra (featured last week), and Teagan (featured 01/2014) have found their forever homes this past week!!

Meet Elli – a special needs girl who makes up in spunk what she lacks in coordination!  Elli has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or CH, a congenital condition affecting her motor skills.

Duffie is a sweet and playful gentleman who was rescued from an area animal shelter as a young kitten, because he has a condition called Radial Hypoplasia (RH).  What is RH?

Easter Sunday is without a doubt the most holy of days for Christians worldwide. I’m not a religious writer, nor is this an attempt to convince you to be a believer of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, despite my firm belief.