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According to the UN

MacKenzie was an orphan kitten rescued from living outside, trying to fend for herself. She is a sweet, laid back lap cat that just wants to be with her person.

The real estate market is one of the most dynamic and complicated sectors of the economy.  

Selling a product or service to a customer is much like being a lawyer in the middle of a court case.


Hi!  My name is Torino, and boy am I glad to meet you!  

Risk is an important aspect to consider when running any business, and the construction business is no different.  

Boomerang and his brother were born to a feral mom who was being fed by residents of an apartment complex.

Etty is a happy go lucky kind of girl who enjoys spending time with people and getting attention.

If you have an old property or are renting your home out for the first time in Philly, it can pay to have a risk assessment done on your property for many reasons. Here are some tips on how and why to get a risk assessment done.