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Philly's Phinest talks to Daniel Morroni III - Suit Designer for Charlie Manuel, Angelo Cataldi, and Bernie Parent


“When you find a career where you can use your social skills, you will be very successful,” Daniel Morroni II said in the 1970's.

We can learn how to pursue our dreams by studying the lives of achievers.Daniel Morroni III and Daniel Morroni II Bernie Parent, Charlie Manuel, Hugh Douglas, Vince Papale, and Angelo Cataldi are elite performers in their own professions. Each came to learn exactly what the prophetic quote above meant.

Daniel Morroni III has used his talent and turned a passionate hobby into a successful career. One which has allowed him to create a fruitful life and to share his talents with others.

(Photo on right: Daniel Morroni II and Daniel Morroni III)

“My clients are like family to me. They are a big part of my life. I am very grateful and humbled to be working with all of them,” Morroni said.

A business plan

Dan Morroni IIIHis business Morroni Toccare Fino Clothier's offers fine tailoring, superior craftsmanship, and personalized service to people within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Morroni offers over 5000 suiting materials from Italy and the United Kingdom, as he works with clients in their homes, or offices. Wardrobe planning, for men and women, with their career and social needs in mind. (Photo on left: Daniel Morroni III)

“Detail, attention, and communication are keys in this business. The process starts after I meet, or am contacted by, someone. People share what their backgrounds and needs are, as well as the image that they want to project. We review certain colors and styles that are chosen specifically for them. I take their measurements and begin to create clothes for their body type and style,” Morroni noted.

His methods work. He has built a broad and diverse customer base, which still includes his first client. But, success is not achieved overnight.


Family matters

Ida, Ray, and Michael Binni with Dan MorroniMorroni grew up in Springfield, Delaware County. While he was not inspired by academics in high school, he did score high marks socially. That positive aspect of his personality continued to play an important role during each stage of his life. He also credits family as a strong influence which provided him with the tools he needed to build a prosperous life.

(Photo of left: Ida, Ray, and Michael Binni with Dan.)

“My father divorced my mother when I was three years old, leaving her to raise my sister Michele and I by herself. Even though her world had caved in, she was a strong Italian woman who moved on with life. She kept a roof over our heads and food on our table, which taught me my first real lesson. You have to face challenges that come your way in order to overcome them, ” Morroni emphasized.

Four years later his mother remarried. He was open to forming a relationship with his mother's new husband and came to consider Ray Binni as another father.

Morroni reflected, “My biological father use to take me to Ray, who was a barber, to get my hair cut at one of his shops. After my parents divorced, my mother continued taking me to him. Eventually, they started to date and then were married. Ray took care of us and showed me right from wrong. I thought it was cool that he was his own boss and that he had his name on his barber shops.”

During that time, while it had not yet been diagnosed, Morroni was adapting to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). By structuring his time, staying on a schedule, and setting goals he was able to work effectively. First, he entered the computer hardware and software fields, using skills that he had learned at a trade school. He did not find that to be fulfilling, so he moved on to computer sales with Panasonic.

Next, he became a liaison for the Valley Forge Hilton, booking meetings and coordinating banquet business. His ability to create client relationships were forming along the way.

“My biological father was a bigger than life personality. He was very friendly with everyone he met. After he got remarried to his new wife Dolores, he started to become more like the father we wanted him to be. She deserves credit for helping him to reconnect with my sister and me. They then had their own children. Our sisters Jackie and Jenny, and my brother Michael became important parts of our lives. In recent years, my fiannce Natalie, has been a strongly positive influence for me as well,” Morroni noted.

Dan Morroni Family

(Photo on Left side: Dan with sisters Jackie, Michele,and Jenny | Right side: Step mother Dolores, Mother Ida, and sister Michele)

The future unfolds

Morroni's next decision was to work for his father in the insurance business. Nine years later, when his father retired, he assumed his role as head of the company. Then, one day in the early 1990's, a man in the clothing business came into Morroni's insurance office. It was a day that led to a seamless transition.

“Illio was dressed to the 'T' and complemented me on how I was dressed," remembers Morroni. " He said that his company was going to be hiring someone to work in Philadelphia. I was always into clothes, so I decided to go for an interview and was hired."

He was taught the basics of custom tailoring by experts in the field. He excelled for many years before deciding, like both of the men he knew as fathers, to start his own business. His choice to take that risk at the turn of the millennium resulted in him gaining many clients, including former Phillies manager Larry Bowa.

“My father Daniel passed away right as I was starting my own business. He loved the Phillies and never had the chance to know that I made clothes for Larry Bowa, who was one of the players he idolized, ” Morroni said.

In 2005, Philadelphia Magazine selected him for its Men's Custom Clothes, Best of Philly award. That same year, The Philadelphia Business Journal named Morroni as having one of the fastest growing small businesses in the region.

Gotta' love those Phillies

A Phillies managerial change to Charlie Manuel set into motion a scenario that would result in millions of people seeing Morroni's work.

“Charlie and I were in touch after he was hired and I went to meet with him various times at the ballpark. I took his measurements and created a number of sport coats and slacks for him to wear. As our business relationship developed, I decided that I wanted to make a suit for him that he would love,” Morroni says.

(Photo on the right: Charlie Manuel wearing the suit which Morroni designed at the 2008 Phillies World Series parade)Charlie Manuel World Series Trophy

So, in 2007, he created a bold stripped, Navy blue classic that was being prepared with the Phillies playoff-run in mind. Because the team got swept by Colorado in the first round of the playoffs, plans for that special suit were put on hold until 2008.

During that next season, Morroni took the suit to Manuel. His eyes lit up when he saw it. In late September he advised Morroni that he would wear it in the World Series.

Manuel said that he used the suit as motivation, often looking at it while thinking about getting to the World Series. A special message, placed inside the jacket, added a personal touch. Morroni had monogrammed the words, 'Never quit.' Manuel and the team followed the monogrammed lead, winning their first World Series in late October.

“So many people called me on the day of the victory parade. They told me it had been mentioned on television and radio that Manuel was wearing a Morroni suit. The magazine awards, combined with Charlie's suit, really helped the business to move in new directions,” says Morroni proudly.

Before the fifth game of the 2009 World Series, he presented Manuel with a new suit. Those new threads were created because the manager had lost 60 pounds through the successful completion of a weight-loss program. The two spent an hour in Manuel's office before the game. The strategy session helped, as the Phillies beat the Yankees that night 8-6.

Clients are like family

Dan Morroni and Angelo CataldiMany clients have come through referrals. Some of the prominent ones include: Flyers legend Bernie Parent, the subject of the movie Invincible and former Eagle - Vince Papale, WIP host's Angelo Cataldi, Anthony Gargano, Big Daddy Graham, and Hugh Douglas - also a former Eagle. His association with the radio station and with Cataldi, in particular, have led to many on-air segments and WIP-related events, including being a Wing Bowl judge.

(Photo on the left: Dan Morroni with Angelo Cataldi)

Charitable efforts are one of the ways that people reveal their character. Morroni believes that giving to others reaps rewards that go beyond material gain. The Eagles' Youth Partnership, various silent auctions, and other local causes have been the beneficiaries of many items that he has donated.

Not afraid of risk

Morroni has responded to casting agency requests to appear in various movies. He appeared in a restaurant scene with Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa (2006). Morroni had not met Stallone before, but fondly recalled seeing him on screen while taking his very first date to see Rocky in 1976.

He also appeared in Shooter (2007) with Mark Wahlberg, participated in celebrity boxing matches in 2008 and 2009 (winning each of his three matches), was on Jimmy Smits' show Outlaw (NBC) this year, and will be appearing as a limo driver in Robert DeNiro's movie Dark Fields in 2011.

By making wise decisions and living conservatively, he has positioned himself to work through these challenging economic times. As a result, business has remained steady and is beginning to grow again.

Well earned results

Those who know how to use their talent earn well deserved results. A self-made businessman and a talented clothier from Woolwich, New Jersey has proven that. It is certain that the relationships he has developed with his clients will continue to prosper, as he helps them to reflect their inner confidence through outward appearance.

Daniel Morroni's experiences in life are as wide as the colors of the spectrum. The role of family and friends remains important and is clear for all to see. Along the way he assessed, measured, and created his own perfect career fit. His story is one that all who know him can take pride in.

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