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Bucks County's Network Now Conference Sparked by Appearances of Lu Ann Cahn, Lynn Doyle, Jennaphr Frederick, and Jen Groover


Some see others as who they are, not as who they can become. But, each person must always recognize that they are the only expert on their own developing lives. One way to progress personally is by pursuing positive connections with others. Higher levels of mutual success and fulfillment will naturally result from those shared journeys.Bucks County NOW Conference

Network Now recently held a conference that featured five prominent women at the Health and Wellness Center in Warrington, Bucks County.  

The conference was highlighted by a panel discussion about effective methods business owners can use to pitch stories to the media. Distinguished guests included: NBC 10's Lu Ann Cahn, Comcast's Lynn Doyle, FOX 29's Jennaphr Frederick, and Jen Groover, founder of Jen Groover Productions. (Photo left to right: Jen Groover, LuAnn Cahn, Jennaphr Frederick, Lynn Doyle and Network Now founder, Jamie Broderick)

The event involved the collaboration and support of many women, entrepreneurs, sponsors, and Laura Pedrick Photography. The U.S. Small Business Administration had business financing information available for all attendees. Ten vendors sponsored a one-hour networking session which included raffle prizes, goody bags, and Cabot Vermont cheese samples, prior to the start of the conference.

Cyndi Po, owner of Serenity Fit and author of The 5 How To's to a Healthier You, kicked off the night's festivities by reminding everyone that they need to be healthy and strong in order to run their own businesses. 

Network Now founder, Jamie Broderick had previously worked in accounting, before reinventing herself as the leader of this business networking group for women in 2007. Originally meeting with twelve members in her home, the organization has grown so rapidly that it is has been able to attract well-known guests for their large events.

Broderick said, “The information that Jen Groover and the media panel provided was incredible. They were all so generous, knowledgeable, approachable, and funny.”

Broderick met Jen Groover, while attending a branding workshop, at the Pennsylvania Governor's Conference for Women.  

While introducing Groover, Broderick enthusiastically said, “It has been said that Jen has enough energy to power the Eastern seaboard.”

Jen Groover is a noted author, entrepreneur, television contributor, and creator of the Butler Bag. She immediately backed up Broderick's introduction by energizing the crowd with her entrepreneurial insight.  

“Networking is so important, which is why I love and stand by Network Now," Groover said. "My mentor taught me that your network is your net worth. I don't just mean that financially, but also emotionally, socially, psychologically, and spiritually. It is everything rolled up into one. 

“There is nothing that takes the place of your face in terms of networking. Speaking is one of the most underplayed ways that business owners can represent their companies. Everyone has an area of expertise and speaking to groups helps you to build your platform. From there, you can move on to television and radio.”

Groover then moderated a panel discussion that focused on various ways business owners can effectively “pitch” (present) stories to media outlets. Each of the panelists spoke from accomplished backgrounds.

Lynn Doyle has won nine Emmy Awards during her 30-year career. She hosts “It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle”, a Comcast news show that focuses on issues of national importance. Doyle's broadcasts raise viewer awareness, while simultaneously providing a consistent model of how journalism can be effectively practiced. 

“The fears that I had when I first started in the 1970's and the challenges that I had to overcome, helped me to be the person that I have become. You have to experience failure in order to have success.

“Someone can gain experience by doing shorter interviews on smaller formats. Make yourself available to anyone who is looking for an expert. I find media training, if it's done well, to be a very useful resource. The way to get on a show like mine is to be the best in your field and to be accessible,” Doyle said.   

Lu Ann Cahn has won eight Emmy Awards and is the co-host of NBC's 10! Show. She spoke about how she had challenged herself to do something new each day in 2010. Check out her blog One Year of Firsts to learn more about her experiences.

“When I took these little risks outside of my comfort zone, I became more comfortable with being uncomfortable. I began to see myself differently and other people around me began to see me differently. Opportunities came along, including co-hosting the 10 Show. During that year I learned that we can never stop learning and growing. When you get stuck, reinvent yourself,” Cahn said.

That was not the first time that Cahn stepped outside of her comfort level for the benefit of her viewers. In 1991, Cahn courageously took her fight with breast cancer public. Her choice to openly present a private matter to a public audience set a high ethical bar and positively impacted many lives. The manner in which she embraces her stories is always underscored by the approach that she took with that most personal one. She offered the same honest tone when discussing the types of story ideas she seeks. 

“I like emails, visuals, and lists. You are going to have to sell it to me and know your story. We're going to want to know what your credentials are. We bring people on television that have never been on television,” Cahn said.

Jennaphr Frederick has worked in the media since the 1990's. She joined the Fox family in 1999 and has been a member of Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia morning team since 2003. She describes herself as a Mom of two, a snowboarder, a golfer, and a “wanna be” Rock Star.

Frederick has a personality that likely drew the media profession to her rather than vice versa. 

The genuineness of her interviewing approach naturally sets her subjects and viewers at ease. In this age of countless media choices, people need a compelling reason to choose television, let alone a specific channel. She is one of those magnetic reasons, spurring interest in stories through her own inviting enthusiasm. 

“One of my challenges every day is defining myself. What I have learned, is that I'm only ever going to be me. I try to ask the questions that we all want to ask.

“An Internet search engine is your best friend. They have lists that can inspire you. Use those lists to present ideas to us. When you want to pitch a list, always have plan B. Remember to ask where are we going to be and how long a segment will be. Make sure that you watch the show that you are pitching, so you know who you are pitching. Be fresh, be new, and be willing to listen,” Frederick said.

All of the prominent women who addressed the audience were inspirational. The manners in which they have built their lives and careers serve as models for others to learn from. Their presence at Network Now's conference highlighted the night and reinforced the importance of always expanding your network of contacts and friends.

“We have received so much positive feedback about the event. We're not quite sure how we  are going to top this one,” Broderick said.

For more information about Network Now, click on their website link at http://www.bucksnetworking.com/network_now

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