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Community College of Philadelphia is the City’s Hidden Gem


When people think of higher education in the Philadelphia area such storied institutions as the University of Pennsylvania,Villanova and Temple come to mind but amidst the fame and prestige of these institutions is a school on Spring Garden Street that has become a “Launching Pad” for success in the City of Brotherly Love: the Community College of Philadelphia.

The first thing you need to know about the Community College of Philadelphia is that it is not your traditional community college. The school has gained national recognition for its dual admissions programs with such institutions as LaSalle University  and Cabrini College. While the Community College of Philadelphia does provide opportunities to students who normally would not be attending college, the school also has a large segment of their student body that attend because of their affordable cost and stellar reputation.

Since joining the Philadelphia educational community in 1965, the Community College of Philadelphia has had over 500,000 students come through its campus and go on to be leaders in the Philadelphia community. While the school has helped the Philadelphia community, the story goes much further.

The Community College of Philadelphia, unlike so many of its competitors teaches diversity which is not only desired but required in the real-world. Currently, the school represents dozens of cultural backgrounds and has a student body that incorporates 65 countries. The Community College of Philadelphia teaches not only what is necessary in the academic environment but lectures on acceptance of all and the school has a unity that is rarely seen in the world of Academia.

Leading the way at the Community College of Philadelphia is Dr. Stephen M. Curtis. Dr. Curtis took the position as College President in 1999 after serving as a professor of music in the State University of New York  as the President of the Hudson Valley Community College.

A man who has experienced success both in music and education, Dr. Curtis is widely published and has been teaching since 1969. Known for his innovative concepts, Dr. Curtis has instituted many model programs that have included collaboration with city agencies and local unions.

The Community College of Philadelphia is the city’s largest institution of public education and is more than a community college; it’s a community atmosphere which is bringing higher education to another level.