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Zachary Christie-1st Grader from Delaware has suspension lifted


Zachary Christie, the 6-year old from Wilimington Delaware has been given a reprieve by the board members of the Christina Delaware School Board.

Granted, the school may have gone a little over board with Christie's punishment, but in an age when school violence seems to be ocurring amongst younger and younger children we shouldn't criticize the school for being vigilent.

We live in a society where the reality is, kids are committing acts of violence at younger and younger ages.

Where the school went wrong was throwing the book, the table, and the floor at the kid after looking into the matter and finding out he meant no harm.  Schools, like police are supposed to make judgement calls and it's on them to get it right.

The kid should have been sent home for the day, perhaps given a one-day suspension to soak it in and then they could have moved on.

This is the by-product of a violent society though.  For every Zachary Christie you have the case of the Arizona man Tim Romans who was murdered by his 8 year-old son in premediatated fashion!

Or, we have the case of a 12-year old child from Broome County just a few days ago who is charged in the murder of his brother.

In this day and age you can never be careful enough, but the school should be flogged publicly for going overboard here.