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Bob Griese screws up royally with Juan Pablo Montoya taco remark


ABC Analyst Bob Griese becomes the latest high-profile sports anchor to come under fire for a stupid comment.

Yesterday during a promotional spot for racing on the ABC College Football broadcast, Chris Spielman asked Bob Griese where Juan Pablo Montoya was on the list and Griese responded, "He's out having a taco."

Not only is the comment in bad taste, but it doesn't even make sense!

While it's a stupid thing to say, Griese will probably face a suspension over this, in the age of an over-sensitive politically correct environment.  Nonetheless, it's a stupid thing to say and should never be said on the air with millions of people watching.  It has no place in a football broadcast. 

Griese ended up apologizing at the end of the program for his foolish comment.

This is the latest in a long-line of moronic comments by broadcasters.

Sean Salisbury, the ESPN analyst used the term "Jew down" during a broadcast.

Billy Packer received a lot of heat for his comment about Allen Iverson during the 1996 NCAA Tournament when referred to Iverson as a "tough monkey."

How Packer didn't get suspended for that is beyond me. Clearly he crossed a line with that gaffe.

And, of course we all know about Rush Limbaugh's comment regarding Donovan McNabb on an ESPN broadcast, when he said the media wants a black quarterback to succeed. 

Griese now becomes the latest broadcaster to "F" the chicken on the air.