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Did Al Sharpton and the NFL “Rush” Limbaugh Away from his Dream?


Rush Limbaugh has been rebuked by the NFL and the partnership group that courted him led by St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts because he is an alleged racist and the leader of the firestorm about the Conservative talk show host was none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton was quoted on www.ESPN.com as saying, "It's remarkable in that he was denied by other powerful whites. At the end of the day, his peers said, 'You are a liability.' Even the rich and powerful do not want to be identified with racism." Where do we even begin to break this story down?

Rush Limbaugh is a loudmouth. He is arrogant. He is headstrong. He can be at times hypocritical. Is he a racist? I’m not really sure. On the other hand…Al Sharpton has shown who he is on a continual basis. Let’s briefly examine the history of the two individuals and allow you to make the call.

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most outspoken Republican supporters this country has ever seen. A strong political voice and a die-hard sports fan, ESPN made a questionable move when they hired him to be a host on NFL Game Day in 2003. During his tenure there, Limbaugh made a commentary on Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and stated, "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well."

While this comment may have been misplaced, I think many people shared his sentiment. As an Eagles fan and supporter of black quarterbacks and black head coaches, I too want a black quarterback to be successful and I hope it is Donovan McNabb because I feel the fans of Philadelphia deserve to have a Super Bowl Championship brought to their great town. However, ESPN fired Limbaugh the next week and fellow host Tom Jackson stated that he would’ve resigned if the termination was not made yet when Limbaugh made the comments; Jackson sat in the studio and agreed with him. I’m not sure how that was racist. When we turn the page, there have been some controversial moments.

During the last Presidential election, Limbaugh made many derogatory remarks towards our President Barack Obama and strange commentary towards the players of the NFL. Many feel that Limbaugh has lost touch with society and should not be given the chance to own an NFL franchise and amongst those people staunch in their views against Limbaugh have been the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Now, when we analyze Sharpton, the first question that comes to mind is “What does he have to do with the NFL?” Sharpton is not in the NFL is any capacity but yet his words ring loud and were the main reason Limbaugh was denied part ownership of the St. Louis Rams. Sharpton feels Limbaugh’s words are what did him in but we need to ask, does Sharpton have any accountability for his won words?

In 2007, Sharpton said of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney who was running for office and is Mormon that, "As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation." These are truly words of bigotry and yet Sharpton was not held accountable.

While what Sharpton said about Romney was wrong, perhaps there was not a greater form of injustice than the Duke Lacrosse scandal when several Duke Players were accused of raping a black woman. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, in the midst of the allegation called for Duke Lacrosse coach Mike Pressler to be fired and the university did as these two leaders wanted. As the facts came out, the players were innocent and the coach was left without a job. Sharpton never so much as apologized for his role in having an innocent man terminated. Al Sharpton is far from a good, fair or racially moral man.

I don’t like Rush Limbaugh and I don’t like Al Sharpton. Both have colorful histories and neither should be given a free pass for the comments they have made. However, the great thing about America is that if you fight hard enough for your dream, you can make it a reality. Rush Limbaugh fought to get where he is and has the money to buy a portion of an NFL franchise.

While I won’t listen to Rush or add to his empire, I’ll leave you with one question: Who is Al Sharpton to stop him?

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