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Castle Doctrine could allow home owners to legally defend homes in PA


You would think that in America we can legally defend our homes when a criminal breaks in our home with the intent of injuring, robbing, or even killing us.  
AH! Wrong!

You can be sued by one of these degenerates if you do the right thing in defending your home should you injure them. Or better yet, some piece of garbage can break into your home with the intent of killing you or committing a heinous crime upon your family, and if you shoot said piece of garbage dead, their family could sue you! 
Ah, you gotta love justice. Home invasion is among one of the most unspeakable crimes one can commit.  In the Philadelphia region it's almost a daily story when we hear of a home invasion ending in murder.  And, for there to be any legal grey area concering a home owner's right to defend against such a crime is a travesty.

The PA House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on Castle Doctrine legislation tomorrow otherwise known as HB40.
This would eliminate the duty to retreat within one's home including attached structures.  It would also eliminate the duty to retreat onto the streets provided one is in fear of being harmed by one of these animals.  It also provides civil immunity should someone defend their home.  It also clarifies the definition of a loaded firearm to "magazines being secured in a separate pouch, rather than specifying a separate container, provided the magazine is secure, and the ammunition covered."
It's such a great concept!  We will actually be allowed to injure and render these animals harmless should they break into our homes.

The Castle Doctrine is defined as an American legal doctrine that designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack.

Not only should this be a law in PA; it should become a Constitutional Ammendment.  Defending one's home should not even be argued; it should be a human right.

If the PA House Juiciary Committe decides to move forward with Castle Doctrine Legislation tomorrow then November 19th will be a great day in Pennsylvania history.