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Philadelphia does it right with cell phone ban-enforcement begins December 1st


Put down that cell phone if you're driving in Philadelphia tomorrow.  

If you get busted for riding while texting or holding one held up to your yapper, then you are looking at a $75 fine. Police will begin officially enforcing the cell phone ban on Tuesday, December 1st.

While we're at it, surrounding suburbs need to adopt cellphone bans as well.  Then, maybe the PA government can make it a state-wide ban.

Let's be real here.  For those of us who don't talk much in the car on cell phones, we're quite annoyed when we see someone chatting Girl text drivingaway while behind the wheel.  How many times do you find yourself in heavy traffic and look over to see someone in the left lane driving slowly while texting?  I don't even have as much of a problem with someone talking, but texting in traffic drives me nuts because the driver is not looking at the road.  Added to that, they are not handling the steering wheel.

I don't agree with the Philadelphia government much (and the underlining reason for this law is to bring in some more revenue) but this law will be a boon to public safety.

If you are going to be using a phone within city proper, you must use a hands-free device. Therefore, it precludes anyone from being able to text-legally.

It's nice to see Philadelphia catching up with other parts of the country.  New York banned cellphone use in 2001.  California banned it last year.  And, Jersey banned it in 2004. 

Welcome to the world of common sense Philadelphia!

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9:09 AM
Wed Sep 22 2010
This is way too much gov't

This is way too much gov't control. If you use the "distraction" excuse, hands free is just as distracting. Just another way for Philadelphia to try to get more money from people because the city council can't get their stuff together. I can't wait until they put tolls on 95 and 76 and further depress the city by burdening workers and discouraging outside investment. How about lower taxes to encourage outside investment in the city? How about cutting do-nothing city council-people who make over six figures instead of police and firefighters? Stop it with the stupid penalties, fines and quick fix taxes that do nothing but harm. If you're going to fine talking on the phone, you might as well fine people who go through drive thru windows and eat or drink in their cars. It's just as distracting...you can get another 75 $s that way, and further discourage people from working in, or visiting the city. Regards, Peter from mobile development