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Should Sports Gambling be Legalized in PA and New Jersey? Part 4 of 4


The facts are pretty clear but the reality is no matter where you stand on any issue, facts can be twisted.  Atlantic City no longer wants sports gambling, they need it. 

The unemployment rates in NJ and Philadelphia have reached new highs and many churches and politicians stand firm in the fact that keeping sports gambling illegal protects the integrity of sports.  Former New Jersey Democratic Senator Bill Bradley is a leader of this cause and as a former star basketball player, Bradley stands by his convictions. With the being said, can someone please explain Tim Donaghy?

“Tim Donaghy”

In what was considered one of the great “Black Eyes” ever experienced in the great game of basketball, we have corrupt former NBA referee Tim Donaghy.  Donaghy was subject to an investigation where the hard-nosed official was in fact gambling on games he was in charge of.  This report stunned the sporting world.

It appears that Donaghy, a man who grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Villanova University was the ultimate Philadelphia story of a “Local Boy who made it big.”  Sadly, Donaghy got involved with the wrong people and used his position as an NBA official to “Tip-Off” gamblers and affect outcomes, especially “Over/Under” bettors.

What is missed in this whole process is that the actions of Tim Donaghy transpired DESPITE the fact that gambling was illegal.  The facts are that corruption in sports will never completely be eliminated but the unemployment rate can.

With the addition of sports gambling in the Atlantic City entourage, new jobs would be created and a new customer base would be formed.  The initial licensing fee of $200,000 paid by each casino would equate to $2.2 million that could be used for health and social programs coupled with the new jobs created.  An annual $1.1 million would also be paid to the state which would create a win-win for everyone.

As for the religious sects who oppose sports gambling, is that not hypocritical?  Churches often have Bingo and Poker nights to raise money for their religious causes.  Is supporting the unemployment rate not as important as the causes of the church?  Is sports gambling and Bingo not both forms of gambling?

As the end of the day, sports gambling is not something the residents of Philadelphia and New Jersey should want, it is something we desperately need.  Corruption in sports can not be stopped.  Bingo and Sports gambling are both forms of gambling.  The economy needs a boost.  Enough is enough.  The time has come to make sports gambling legalized.