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Obama's Healthcare Bill and Public Option Face Battle in Senate


President Obama's vision for healthcare is admirable.  He envisions a healthcare system in this country which doesn't bleed the working people dry and one that actually benefits consumers.  His Public Option is potentially a great product for American consumers and one that will put the Healthcare Industry on notice.

The Republicans continually attack this measure by putting out lies and misinformation.  And, they even have many citizens doing their bidding for them.  It's been well documented how many Democratic townhall functions have been sabatoged by the extremists from the right.

What these callous morons fail to realize is they are inhibiting progress on something that should be a right in this country and not a privilege-healthcare. 

The Republican Party could care less about the welfare of the working people.  They speak out of both sides of their mouth to the working class. On the one side they tell them how they will save them money in taxes in order to secure a vote.  Then they stab them in their backs by selling them down the river to the insurance companies who bleed them dry.

What good is this so-called extra money the Republicans promise you in tax savings when you spend it on health insurance?

Obama's Healthcare Bill passed it's first challenge by making it through the House on a 220-215 vote.  One Republican crossed party lines and voted for this bill. 

The Healthcare Bill will now go to the Senate and it faces a tough path.  And, rightly so.  Our deficit has ballooned out of control and our country is going to be a deep hole for many years.  The "Stimulus Plan" was flawed in many respects.  There were many good intentions, but simply not reason to prop up many of these banks.  They were lying to the administration and to the American people by saying they needed bailouts to keep capital flowing.  It's awful suspect that many of these banks still aren't lending much money, recording nice profits and treating themselves to lavish bonuses. 

With that said, The Healthcare Bill is vitally important.  The working people of this country can ill-afford to be slaves to the likes of Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna any longer.  There needs to be a Public Option to put these bandits in check.

That is the biggest sticking point and the one that could spell doom for the Healthcare BIll when it goes to the Senate.

We have creeps like Joe Lieberman who patronize us by saying this Public Option can become "a huge and costly entitlement program."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the whole point of the Public Option is to provide the American people with a Health Care Option-one that they will have to pay for.  This plan would be financed entirely by premiums and it will compete with other health insurance companies. 

There is no money set aside to subsidize this Public Option.  Therefore, it wouldn't by nature be an "entitlement program."

And, another potential hurdle for the Public Option is that if it does pass, there are governors who will choose to "opt out" of the public option. Virginia's Governor-elect Bob McDonnell has already threatened to opt out and he hasn't even read the entire bill!

Most Republicans claim that this Public Option would spell doom for the private health insurance companies. 

I'm not sure that's a bad thing.