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Do the People of Philadelphia Want Healthcare Reform?


One issue that has the people of Philadelphia in a political quandary is the status of healthcare within the United States. During the Presidential Photo courtesy of www.life.comelection last November, President Obama  stated that there will be undoubtedly Healthcare Reform  and this was one of the main reasons for his victory over John McCain. At that time, the people of Philadelphia was thrilled with Obama’s proposal and rushed to the polls to vote for the man. I wonder how they feel about his proposal today?

Let’s face the facts. No matter where you stand on the political half-circle, there are issues with healthcare and one of the main problems is that people seem to have a solution until the issue hits their front door. I have a good friend who has a good job and makes good money, and when his mother was dying he wanted better-than good healthcare for her. However, my staunch right-wing buddy did not want that good healthcare for Joe Average’s mother because she could not afford it. The reason: she did not have good insurance. And even if she was a good person, in his mind, cutting off of healthcare was for the greater good?

Okay, so I’m a little confused. According to the Republicans, good people who do not have good insurance (and I swear I will stop using the word good) will have to suffer bad consequences for the bigger picture. However, according to President Obama, everyone deserves healthcare because this is the land of opportunity. So who is right and who is wrong in this argument? America does not seem to know at this point.

What we do know is that public support for Healthcare Reform continues to slope in a downward spiral. In a recent NBC-Wall Street poll, 44 percent of Americans believe in the status quo. While this may amaze some people, they will be interested to learn that in that same poll, only 41 percent of Americans who participated in the poll believe we need Healthcare Reform. If this poll is accurate, it shows a drastic change from one year ago when Healthcare Reform and the United States Presidential election were what was on everybody’s mind.

So what is the answer? Well, I’m not going to sit here and profess to be a political guru. I will however, say that it’s not fair to hard-working Americans in Philadelphia and across the globe to pay into a system which will not allow them to even afford prescriptions while a marketing wiz from an Ivy League University who has never had to work a day in their life makes seven figures for coming up with an ad campaign while increasing the cost of the prescription by 85 percent. It’s also not fair that the same hard-working American should have to pay for the healthcare to maintain the health of individuals who choose not to work.

There is no question we need some sort of reform because the status quo of the George Bush’s of the world did not work. There is no question we do not need the drastic reform proposed by President Obama because quite frankly, that’s not good (sorry) for anyone.

I’m not quite sure what the answer is but I have to believe it lies somewhere in the middle. And amidst elections and expense accounts, there is an answer which will be in the best interest of all Americans. I’ll leave you with this thought for the holiday season: While Republicans, Democrats,George Bush supporters and the Barack Obama supporters share hatred and anger on this issue, neither Bush nor Obama’s families will be affected by whatever decision is made.

Can we say the same for the people of Philadelphia?


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