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Philly's Phinest Profiles the Broad Street Bikers


Every story has a journey: the blood, sweat, and tears one experiences on the path towards a certain goal. Some journeys consist of paths, roads, and in the case of Patrick Montgomery and Andrew Moriarty, biking throughout the East Coast during the middle of Winter!     Patrick Montgomery and Andrew Moriarty. photo: http://broadstreetbikers.webs.com/

The duo, also known as The Broad Street Bikers, have been making headlines recently for their self imposed trek from the Spectrum all the way to Fenway Park in Boston for the NHL's Winter Classic  between the Flyers and Boston Bruins, which will be held on New Year's Day. The two have mostly been travelling through cities due to the restrictions regarding biking on Interstate 95. However, it hasn't stopped them from inching closer towards one of their goals. According to Moriarty, whom we were lucky enough to reach as he trekked through Stamford Connecticut, the plan was thrown together in a matter of weeks.

"We came up with the idea roughly around November 21st," mentions Moriarty. "Patrick and I knew we had to find a way to the Winter Classic. As a joke, we mapped out walking directions on Google, but then we seriously asked ourselves: 'Hey, what about taking a bike?' We are using a tandem bike, which consists of a single bike with two seats. We were able to team up with The Cycle Corner of Frenchtown  just last week. They have been great with us and we couldn't have done this without them."

Montgomery and Moriarty, both life-long, devoted Flyers fans, didn't have tickets to the game at first. However, Montgomery's girlfriend later confided in Moriarty that she had purchased tickets for Montgomery's birthday, which was several days later. The two left Philadelphia on Sunday the 27th Patrick and Andrew begin their journey. photo: http://broadstreetbikers.webs.com/apps/blog/(you can follow them on Twitter as well (http://twitter.com/broadstbikers ). Since then, they have travelled through New York City as well as towns in upper New York such as West Chester and New Rochelle. The two are not entirely on their own. If needed, friends Jason Hennan and Gene Gallagher are in a trail car ready to assist them in case of a sudden flat tire or emergency. If you have concerns about the guys freezing overnight in the cold, not to worry. They are staying at friends' houses in Staten Island and Connecticut. Their final stop will be in Rhode Island at a hotel (compliments of  Montgomery's dad for the trip).  Moreover, the duo won't be biking back to Philadelphia. After the game ends Friday, Moriarty will be flying out to Ohio, and Montgomery will return to Philly via the trail car.

Make no mistake, although Montgomery and Moriarty are looking forward to seeing their hometown heroes on hockey's biggest stage, what must be emphasized is the fact that the two are doing this with a particular goal in mind. They have partnered up with the Blessed Sarnelli Community  in Philadelphia to raise funds for their cause and have set a goal of $5,000. Their mission statement is to reach out to people who are poor and abandoned. They are still looking for donations, and people will be able to donate until a few days after the year begins.

"So far, we have raised close to $1,400," says Moriarty. We will probably keep the donations page up a few days into January."

When you look at Patrick Montgomery and Andrew Moriarty, you see the passion of a Philadelphia sports fan combined with their desire to make things better for those less fortunate. Hey, they are even willing to travel half way across the East Coast to do so!  If they don't qualify for Philly's Phinest, there's not many who would.

Good luck guys!


You can help Patrick and Andrew by visting: http://broadstreetbikers.webs.com/donate.htm

If you would prefer to mail your donation, you can send it to:

Wheeling to the Winter Classic

PO 29303

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Please make checks payable to Blessed Sarnelli Community, and mention Wheeling to the Winter Classic in the Memo.