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Philadelphia Photo Robber and Jaimee Grubbs Share Similarities


Jaimee GrubbsUnless you're living in a subterranean bunker somewhere preparing for nuclear war, by now you have heard of Jaimee Grubbs-the girl who outed Tiger Woods with a tape of his voicemail left on her phone.

If you're in the Philadelphia area, then you have heard of the Photo Robber- a perp who robbed a girl then took a photo of himself with her camera with a gun pointed to his head.

Kadeem CookAs they say in the Guinness commercial..."Brilliant!"

These are two stories of completely different individuals.  One was involved in a relationship with Tiger Woods for a while and had her ace in the hole in the form of text messages and voicemails in case he ever cut her off. 

The other is a young man named Kadeem Cook who was looking to show off his thuggery.  Little did he know the girl he was robbing had the phone rigged to send the photos automatically to her computer.   Now, Cook is in custody.

Jaimee Grubbs has become the latest "google" sensation because of her phone.  Kadeem Cook has become a...well a laughing stock amongst his fellow robbers by doing something stupid with a phone. 

But, that's not what I'm getting at.  What do a 24 year-old cocktail waitress from Cali and a troubled kid from West Philadelphia have in common?

Both are products of our media culture today and looked to strong-arm their targets.  Kadeem Cook thought it was cool to rob somebody and then take a photo of himself doing it like he was in a gangster rap video. Jaimee Grubbs thought it was cool to hook up with the biggest athlete in the world and arguably one of the top five biggest celebrities in the world.

The difference is:  Jaimee Grubbs won't be doing time.  Kaddem Cook will.

I will give Cook some credit though for turning himself in.  He could have made this ugly by roaming the streets and defying authorities. Maybe he can see the error of his ways and say goodbye to thugging out because that didn't get him very far. 

Jaimee Grubbs photo from http://www.theimproper.com

Kadeem Cook photo: from the phone of the girl he robbed