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No Public Option for You! Says Joe Lieberman


Well, the verdict is in.  The Democrats have caved in to Joe Lieberman, et al. and will not have a public option in the so-called health insurance overhaul.

Let's be frank though.  What little public option was left in this bill wasn't exactly anything to get excited about.

As often happens in our government, a plan starts out with the best intentions.  President Obama had a vision for healthcare in this country and his plans have been thwarted by right wing extremists, sellouts to the health insurance lobby, and Republicans who would never cross the isle even if their lives depended on it.

And, the Democrats' crucial 60th vote was held by one Joseph Lieberman who said he would not vote for any bill containing a public option.  Thus, the Democrats had to reach a compromise. 

Soup NaziJoe Lieberman's message to you is "No Public Option for you!"

Now what we have is a bloated healthcare plan, which will do little to put the health insurance industry in check.  It will be business as usual and the only people who will benefit are politicians who have their pockets lined by the likes of Blue Cross Blue Shield and politicians who have superior health coverage through their own option, also known as the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

There is no option for the common people in this country; that sort of option is reserved for the politicians.

Recently there was a poll conducted amongst some 2,999 households and 60% were in favor of a public option and 40% were against. 

The Senate Democrats have reached a deal on the bill, which according to CNN, "Two Democratic sources said the deal includes proposals to replace the public option by creating a not-for-profit private insurance option overseen by the federal Office of Personnel Management, much like the current health plan for federal workers, and another allowing people 55 or older to buy into Medicare coverage that currently is available to those 65 or older."

This "not for profit private insurance option" will be overseen by health insurance companies.  Key word here is "private." Not public. 

What this means is that very few people will likely benefit and the Blue Cross Blue Shields of the world can continue to control the market and raise their costs upon the consumer every year. 

And, life goes on, or not for many who depend on quality medical care.