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Preston and Steve and The American Red Cross: Perfect Together


93.3 WMMR's Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison have the highest rated morning show in the Delaware Valley along with an adoring legion of fans throughout the tri-stateWMMR Blood Drive area. So what were they doing last Saturday on their off day at 6am in the morning? Giving back to the community, of course. The 3rd Annual "I Bleed For Preston and Steve" Blood Drive took place that day at The Philadelphia Cruise Terminal. When all was said and done, a state record was set on behalf of blood donors. And the local duos reputation as strong community leaders was further reinforced.

"The growing partnership of our organization along with WMMR and Preston and Steve has really been fantastic," says Anthony Tornetta, the Blood Services Regional Communications Manager of The American Red Cross. "They really take pride in giving back to the community. This started three years ago as a very small blood drive, and now it is one of the largest blood drives that we have ever seen in the Philadelphia area."

"I've been wanting to do a blood drive for a number of years at our old station, and we were never able to get it off the ground," says Elliot. "Once we came to WMMR, our promotions staff really looked into it because it's a big ordeal to get one set up. They found the right people to make it happen. It's something I've been wanting to do for about ten years, and we finally got it going. It's something I am really proud of."

WMMR Blood DriveBecause of specific union guidelines, the blood drive can only take a maximum number of appointments per day. Attendance yesterday was not a problem yesterday for the guys, who also initiated the "Campout for Hunger" campaign which takes place in the fall. The effect that these programs have on the community strikes an emotional cord with co-host Steve Morrison.

"You do something like this, and you end up meeting phenomenal individuals and develop an even greater appreciation for these people," Morrison said. "There was someone who just showed up to donate blood whose wife needed a tremendous amount of blood while giving birth. When you look into the eyes of someone who has benefited directly from this, it contemptualizes it and really brings it home."

Despite the enormous success of their community programs, Elliot refuses to accept any praise. Emphasizing that the community is helping them. Morrison backs the words of his co-host, insisting that just as many donors would be present if he and Elliot had no participation with the blood drive.

WMMR Blood Drive"The mind blowing fact that this many people on a Saturday come here to do something of this magnitude is just as reaffirming and humbling as can be. It's the stuff that these people are made of which makes it work."

And work it did. At the end of the day 1,296 donors participated in the event. The amount of blood donated has the potential to help close to 3,800 people in need of blood. The blood drive officially ended at 2pm. However, Preston and Steve didn't leave until a little after the three o'clock hour- signing autographs and taking pictures with EVERY donor who participated in the blood drive.


Why WOULDN'T you wanna listen to these guys?!!!!!

Photos by Aileen Bannon

On a side note, all of us at P2P want to express their condolences to Gary Papa, his family, and the enitre Action News Team.  My sister interned with Gary at Channel 6.  I hold the claim of stumping Gary in baseball trivia one summer night in 1999.  He proudly referred to me as the "little bastard" ever since that night. It is a tag I have worn rather proudly, being that it came from him. Gary, you will be missed.