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PennDot As Cop


I have a theory about PennDot, Pennsylvania’s less than esteemed Department of Transportation.

It goes like this. PennDot only hires workers who have IQ’s that in the 65 range so that they can hire three people and get the work of two. That way Penndot gets the worst of both worlds: inefficiency and bureaucracy. We the people get road projects that stretch endlessly into the future, shoddy work, higher than necessary car-repair bills because the roads are so poorly maintained, and loads of frustration and anger as we drive the Commonwealth’s highways and byways. Even synchronizing stop lights to allow a gentler flow of traffic is beyond PennDot’s capability.

The only way PennDot knows how to plan is to make sure that the project is obsolete before the work begins. That way, once a project is completed, it won’t work. And PennDots’ reputation remains what it is.

Other places are not like this. New Jersey looks brilliant in comparison. Delaware’s transportation department appears intelligent too.

Now, in an effort to create a poor reputation in law enforcement, as well as maintain its lousy reputation in road and highway construction and maintenance, PennDot has been trying to crack down on fraud and identity-theft. It seems PennDot has 45,000 people with drivers licenses that do not match social security records. So, the Transportation Department has taken it upon itself to fix the problem. So Far 9200 people have had their licenses revoked.

This crackdown has generated objections from immigrant groups. The ACLU is involved, and asserts that PennDot has it wrong, as usual.

Where does it say that the state’s transportation agency is qualified to take on the work of the State Police, the local police, or the Homeland Security Department? Is there some hidden police power in Penndort’s charter? Why can’t PennDot stick to what it does worst, making a mess of the roads in the state?



3:27 PM
Sat Jun 27 2009

Penndot has 45,000 "employees" or  "drivers in the state"  whose drivers licenses do not match SS records?  Are these people committing fraud or is that some mistake?  Did at least 9,200 of these "employees" or "drivers in the state"  illegally aquire licenses?   Are they illegal immigrants?  That is such a high number!  Someone with power and brains should really look into that.  Disgusting on the part of Penndot.