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Turning a Blind Eye


Valley Club's media exposure and why the media can do better

This article, which follows, is an opinion-piece.  It is Philly2Philly.com's policy to note when an article is based upon the opinion of a member of our staff.

Over the past week Philadelphia has been in the national spotlight and not for a good reason.  The Valley Club Swim Club based out of Huntington Valley revoked the membership of a group of kids who were minorities. This was after a member made a racial comment while they were there.

It didn't help matters any that the president of the Swim Club said these kids would change the complexion of the pool.

This buffoon of a president has changed his story so many times he makes Dick Cheney seem truthful.  

Granted what took place was shameful and the Swim Club should be lambasted for their actions.  Now only after they've been rebuked through the media and threatened with legal action do they extend the olive branch to the summer camp and tell them they may come back.

Oh how sweet.

Oh how fake.

If I were on the board of directors I would fire the president of the Swim Club in a nanosecond for his incompetence.

With all of this said, it's pretty telling that our media still turns something like this into a firestorm, but there is no outrage over the constant tragedies which occur in this city.

Where was the outrage when three little girls were killed on a sidewalk by  a thug driving 70 miles per hour on a residential street in Feltonville last month?  This thug mind you, stole the car after a robbery and ran over the three little girls on a sidewalk.  This is the latest in a string of heinous acts to take place on the streets of Philadelphia.  Fortunately, a few months ao

Where was the outrage when Rian Thal, was not that innocent person everybody thought she was? Instead of being called a drug dealer who brought violence into an exclusive apartment complex in Northern Liberties, the media made her out to be some sort of victim. This was because she didn’t embody the stereotype of a garden-variety drug dealer so the media on the most part gave her a free pass. Well guess what, if you're dealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs it comes with the territory.  I certainly have no sympathy for criminals like this.  Neither should the so-called impartial media.

Instead of focusing on the real issue at hand, the media has taken on an easy target-some small private pool in the Philadelphia suburbs.  Easy targets like this become a focal point and ultimately distract everybody from the real issue at hand; the violent pandemic that has plagued the city of Philadelphia for far too many years.

And, the media continues to turn a blind eye to that.

That is the biggest tragedy of all.