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Cheney Again: the Nightmare Continues



A lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing. I’m thinking of our former vice-president, Dick Cheney, and his hair-brained scheme to dispatch small teams of assassins to kill the leaders of Al Qaeda. The idea was hatched, apparently, in 2001, and on Cheney’s orders was never divulged to members of Congress who, by law, were supposed to be kept informed of such activities.

Now, eight years later, it is Cheney, abetted by his wooden-headed pals on the right-folks like Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the Wall Street Journal-who are wailing about how, because the new administration has stopped some of the craziness, we have had our security compromised.

Am I incorrect in thinking that Bush and Cheney were in charge when our security actually was compromised? Aren't they the guys who didn’t read the memos from the CIA?

We can assume, of coarse, that “vice”,as his “boss”, the President, called him, only broke the law because he didn’t like it. Or perhaps it was inconvenient. Or maybe he was dreaming up a plan to reveal the identity of an undercover CIA operative. He may have been trying out “enhanced interrogation techniques” on his dog or Scooter Libby.

Or we could imagine he held himself to a higher standard of patriotism.

You will recall, I’m sure, his reason for not serving in Vietnam: he stated publicly that he had ”other priorities” than being in the military. The same thing could be said about every one of the fifty thousand Americans who perished in that stupid, utterly futile war. Each and every one of them had “other priorities” that, given a chance, they would have claimed to avoid what Cheney actually avoided.

That war was fought by all of us. Now we fight wars using our “war class.” Those are patriotic young men and women, mostly from our lower middle class, who have less economic opportunity than the people, like Cheney, or George W. Bush, or Don Rumsfeld, who so blithely send them off into harm’s way. And then keep them there for endless rotations of constant danger, and compromised mental and emotional health.

Perhaps “vice” just held us, Congress included, in such low esteem that he figured we really didn’t “need to know.” He’d take care of it himself. From an undisclosed location.

I wonder if he told the President about this Al Qaeda assignation conspiracy?

Another interesting aspect of this story is that officials at the CIA ran into logistical, legal, and diplomatic problems that they were unable to overcome. No discussions were held about whether or not this was the right thing to do.

We have some big problems in this country, not the least of which is being seriously misled by those who we, the people, put in office. This kind of nonsense will not stop until and unless we demand that it stop.


8:36 AM
Thu Jul 16 2009
*- yawn -*

Michael, last week you started what appeared to be a thoughtful, multi-part piece on the economy and asked us to "stay tuned." So I was hoping to see more. But instead you have reverted back to your same old, tired, whiney ramblings about Dick Cheney. Are you obsessed with the guy or what? With all the interesting and important things going on in our society today, this is the best you can do? Please... save this kind of stuff for the Huffington Post and serve us up something more relevant on P2P. It's just getting really boring.