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Philadelphia Unemployment Closing in on 10%


If you’ve been an avid reader of the news or even a casual one you’re certainly no stranger to the Labor statistics these days.

The nationwide unemployment percentage stands at 9.7%.  A year ago it stood at just over 6%

Philadelphia’s unemployment rate stands at 9.9%.

While it’s certainly not dire straights in these parts like it is in Michigan, with a staggering 15% rate of unemployment it’s not good.

PA’s overall rate was 8.3% in June according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Even though we’re in the midst of the deepest recession in 60 years there are places (than traditional paths) one can turn if looking for employment.  If you're hitting brickwalls with Careerbuilder and Craigslist, the Philadelphia Unemployment Project offers many avenues for people looking for employment.

And, if you were denied unemployment compensation by your employer the Philadelphia Unemployment Project offers a program called the Unemployment Compensation Project, a program sponsored by law students at The University of Pennsylvania, which offers legal help to people who were denied unemployment compensation.

One of the participants in Philly2Philly.com’s Project Dig Program (a program designed to help find work for victims of the economic crises) Greta Baith had this to offer for her fellow job seekers.

"Look for internships or consulting opportunities on craigslist to help make connections. You can also network virtually on linkedin.  STAY MOTIVATED!"

You can view Greta’s full profile here.

Another Project Dig participant, Jaclyn Merryfield has been seeking
employment for nearly 10 months, but remains steadfast in her job search.

“Even though I have not found a job yet, I know that my networking and determination will be what sets me apart for the job that I eventually do get.”

Ms. Merryfield's profile can be viewed here.

The level of competition is extraordinary with unemployment at it's highest level in nearly 30 years, but there are many ways to find "who you know" with Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other online social networking sites that were not available back then.

That's the difference between this economic crises and others.  The level of technology gives job seekers more weapons in their arsenal with which to work with as they seek employment.