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Spies Like Us- Another Letter to President Obama


Last week, The White House asked for people to forward e-mails people may have received regarding “disinformation” about health care. I wrote a sarcastic letter, posted here, about the subject. Thinking things further, I have decided to change my mind on the subject. I have written another letter to the president. Here it is for your enjoyment!

Dear Mr. President:

I want to apologize to you for my earlier letter to you sarcastically criticizing your administration’s desire for citizens to send e-mails sent to them which spread “disinformation” regarding your health care proposals. It was wrong of me to speak out about your administration’s efforts; as a result, I failed to promote the harmoniousness and gloriousness of your administration and our nation as a whole. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to admit my shame to you in a forum which will be captured and preserved in the National Archive for all of eternity.

I do have a suggestion: Why doesn’t the administration go and take this to the next logical step? Why not ask the American people to send e-mails to your administration which spreads “disinformation” about ANY opposition to your policies? This way, you can keep complete and total track of every single person who is writing things that oppose your views. I think that would be a great help for your great cause. In addition, why not use technology to help you in your attempts to prevent opposing views from being sent by e-mail? I’ve heard about technology used in other countries that prevents Internet users from being able to spread criticisms of their government. Why not just block any websites which may spread the many awful lies against your policies? And why not censor e-mails, as well?

Also, the press is also printing (or showing) disinformation about your plan. Why not give your press department the ability to censor any views which spread lies?

All of my suggestions would help the American people; I’m certainly not bright enough to determine what may be a fictional argument about the health care debate and I need the federal government to tell me what to think.

Thank you for your time. And when will will.i.am be named a czar in your administration?


Gregg Gethard