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If you've fallen victim to unemployment, bring out that creative side


In this economy nobody is safe.  Not even a seasoned individual with 15 years experience who excels at their craft is immune to an economy, which has contracted jobs at record levels in the past year.  

Scott Hollinger, a former graphic artist with Conair, Inc. joined the ranks of the millions of unemployed people some 6 months ago.  

When he started at his company it was then Scünci Hair Accessories, which was its own entity prior to being acquired by Conair, Inc.  Following the acquisition more and more layoffs occurred and eventually it made it's way to Mr. Hollinger's department.  He wasn't surprised to be laid off, but nonetheless was shocked.

While one would expect him to be frustrated after having lost a great job and being out of work for 6 months, Mr. Hollinger is quite the opposite.  

"Being as difficult as it is really has a way of bringing out the creativeness in a person to see what you can do as an individual to find sources of income. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it", said Hollinger.

In a normal economy people like Mr. Hollinger are very much in demand.  In addition to having a lot of experience in his field as well as managerial experience, he has done freelance work for clients like Calvin Klein, and he has even created hand painted large scaled advertising signage.  The problem now is you have an unemployment rate, which is over double the 4-4.5% unemployment rate seen in a good economy.  This means twice as many people are looking for work.  

Hollinger has remained steadfast in his search and has gotten a few leads recently. The positive in his case is he applied for 30 openings and had 3 interviews so far.  There are many job seekers who give up looking because they haven't had an interview in months.  And, there are those who apply over and over again and to their avail, don't receive so much as a response.  

And, his advice to fellow job seekers out there? He recommends attending networking groups, which can benefit you by meeting fellow people in your field. A networking group called LeTip has a Philadelphia chapter, which has provided him with some leads.  And, every month he composes 10 target letters to prospective employers, in his case photo studios and graphic design agencies. Added to that, Hollinger utilizes online job boards, which may have job openings.

"As discouraging as it is in searching for a job in the career I've chosen, I would say to keep positive is the best thing you can do for yourself. "

Scott Hollinger is a participant in Philly2Philly.com's Project Dig program, our initiative to find jobs for displaced workers.  To view his Project Dig profile for further information check it out here. You can also view his work at Krazycat.net. 

If you would like a copy of his cover letter and resume, email us at politics@philly2philly.com.