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Making Progress Against Glenn Beck


Amongst the petty tantrums of gun-toting town hall activists, there’s real change going down, through an actual people-powered boycott of real hate.

Here’s what’s going on:

Glenn Beck, a Fox News host who has made his career as of late telling his fans our president is a socialist, a fascist, Hitler, a eugenicist, and a racist, is finally getting heat for his on-air antics.

During last month’s Gates-Gate controversy and President Obama’s correct assertion that the Cambridge Police acted “stupidly,” Glenn Beck decided to make his two cents heard.

On a July 28 episode of “Fox and Friends,” Beck asserted that President Barack Obama had “exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

It was basically Glenn being Glenn: idiotic, confused, willing to say anything on a whim for a reaction from the boneheaded wing nut sect of the Fox News audience.

What speaks to Beck’s confused state of mind is that 75 seconds later, he stated: “I’m not saying that he doesn’t like white people…This guy is, I believe, a racist.”

A website called ColorOfChange.org has set up a boycott list of those opposed to Beck’s on-air slurs and has contacted his advertisers. And they’re making some real headway. ColorOfChange’s efforts have led to twenty companies pulling their advertisements from Beck’s show in the last two weeks: ConAgra, GEICO, Lawyers.com, Best Buy, Men’s Warehouse, SC Johnson, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, and others.

There’s no lobbying behind this. No gimmicks. It’s people-powered (though it’s people on the Internet, so, unlike the Tea Patriots, the media doesn’t get to film them acting like children), and it’s all about holding the companies that pay for this sort of disgust accountable. If spokespeople for said companies agree with Beck’s words, they’re free to say so, but so far none have.

Beck, in a desperation move, summoned his Palinesque martyrdom/“We The People” speak, and wrote on his Twitter Monday: “I have made VERY powerful people VERY angry. They have tried to cover their tracks. They have failed. Will expose and ask 4 your help VERY soon.”

Good luck with that, Glenn.

One of the problems with television news media is that most of its inhabitants are no longer reporters. They’re commentators, which basically gives them the ability to say whatever they want under the guise of news. As Jane Akre unfortunately learned, it’s their first amendment right to make things up.

It’s not news. It’s your brain on drugs.

For more than a decade, family-friendly sitcoms have been snuffed to make room for reality formatting. Children are exposed to the sexual conquests of their favorite “Big Brother” cast member. They re-enact the antics of their heroes on “Jackass”, and it’s only a matter of time before high school business classes teach the public sex tape and its monetary effect on your career.

With the mainstreaming of such trash, with pornography available in every American household at the click of a mouse, it’s no wonder this sort of sick entertainment has masked itself as news. The sewer of society was the only choice they had if they wanted to compete for ratings. Glenn Beck is the final frontier in that degradation of sewage news.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see American companies taking a stand against the porn of hate coming from Fox News’ most deranged host. There may be hope after all.

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1:38 PM
Thu Aug 20 2009
Attacks on Beck tied to Obama administration

Randy, you claim that  "There’s no lobbying behind" the attacks on Beck, "No gimmicks. It’s people-powered." But consider this article in businessandmedia .org (http://www.businessandmedia.org/articles/2009/20090812165152.aspx) that demonstrates ties between Color of Change and Obama's green-jobs czar:

However, there may be more involved to the campaign, as Matthew Vadum reported for the American Spectator on Aug. 12. The campaign to attack Beck through his advertisers was instituted by the activist group Color of Change, as reported by the Business & Media Institute on Aug. 4.Vadum pointed out that Color of Change has ties to the Obama administration, which Beck has been very critical of since coming to Fox News in early 2009.“The extremist racial grievance group [Color of Change] isn’t happy that Beck did several news packages on Van Jones, President Obama’s controversial green jobs czar who describes himself as a communist,” Vadum wrote. “Jones is a founding board member of Color of Change, but Color of Change doesn't want you to know that. Maybe having an avowed America-hating radical on the group's board is bad public relations.”As Vadum discovered, the group that targeted Beck and his advertisers made an effort to hide its prior association with Jones.

 I'll leave it at that. We've had the conversation before about doing your homework before writing the article.