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Message to Mayor Nutter- "Sticky" the Duct-Taped Cat illustrates Philadelphia's serious problems


If you have paid attention to the headlines the past few week, I'm sure you're well aware of  Sticky, the duct-taped cat who was discovered in a  Sticky the CatNorth Philadelphia neighborhood.   

There is an abominable issue here that should be front and center in Philadelphia.  I'm talking about the rampant violence and hideous behavior that's evident among the citizens of this urban city, particularly the youth.

Yesterday, a 19 year-old "adult" admitted to duct taping Sticky before leaving it in his neighbor's yard in North Philadelphia.  The cat was lying in a yard screaming in agony for hours and he decided to toss it over the fence into his neighbor's yard, claiming it was an "impulse" that led him to torture the cat.

So far this year, a man was beaten to death by idiots outside of McFadden's during a Phillies game.  Sure, one of them was a guy in his 40's, but the others were young people. But just because they were young doesn't mean they weren't old enough to know better.

Over the summer, three little girls were run over on a sidewalk by a couple of gun-toting, crack dealing punks.

Turn on the news any evening and you'll see example after example of the breakdown in humanity and a sheer lack of regard for human life by the "thug generation."

I could go on for about an hour about the plethora of disgusting violence which goes on throughout the city, but the purpose of my piece here is not to recount, but rather to put the real problems front and center.

It's time for the media, parents, police, and politicians to grow a set and declare war on this epidemic.  It's not going away anytime soon and it's only going to get worse.

Michael Nutter and Charles Ramsey need to step up and stop talking about their reduction in murders, because that's all spin.

The reality is that this city resembles a war zone and it's spreading to the suburbs like a plague.  The police should be given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to kill this urban cancer.

Curfews should be enforced, suspicious people should be rounded up, and the old-style Frank Rizzo era style of dealing with perps should be put into effect.

Stricter gun laws also need to be enforced. It has done wonders in New York City, with a population of over 8 million, which contains 7 times as many citizens as Philadelphia.  New York City's murder rate is its lowest in 40 years.  While many people are lashing out at the justice system in New York City for giving Plaxico Burress two years in prison, these critics are forgetting that he brought a loaded gun into a nightclub.  These are the same type of people who point the finger whenever they are wronged; yet they never assume responsibility on their watch.

These same people allow their kids to run wild and are unfit to be parents.  This is a nationwide problem and you can see everywhere that parenting in general is lacking.

Just look whenever you go out to eat or whenever you're out at the mall.  I'm talking about screaming kids.  And, the parents do nothing about it because they put their children up on a pedestal and in addition to being poor parents they think everybody else is the problem-not them.  Next time you go out to eat take a query of how many screaming kids you see and how their parents react.  More often than not they do nothing about it and let their kids rule them.

It's time for the city of Philadelphia to stop allowing the violence to control the city.  Police should not be on the defense and worrying about being shot by criminals who live life with an absolute disregard for anybody and anything.  And simultaneously, parents everywhere need to take a look in the mirror and point the fingers at themselves for being horrendous parents.

Enough is enough