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Say goodbye to the 2000's-The 2010 New Year is here


Alas, the wretched decade of the 2000's is history. The 2010 New Year is here. The 00's were a decade unlike any other in our nation's history. We witnessed the end of our freedom as we know it on September 11, 2001. We witnessed two recessions, including the worst one since the Great Depression. And, we witnessed countless corporate and political scandals, which have really brought the country down. It wasn't all negative though. We did witness the rise of Google, Apple's dominance in the technological arena and countless other innovations. We can now put behind us all of the following:

Say goodbye to the 2008 Economic Collapse.

Say goodbye to non-funny youtube videos, which for some insane reason get several million views.

Say goodbye to a severely overpriced real estate market, where houses worth $100,000 sell for $225,000.

Say goodbye to the bankruptcies of two of the Big Three in Detroit.

Say goodbye to the 2000's Philadelphia Eagles teams, which choked; new decade means Super Bowl.

Say goodbye to corporate scandals involving the likes of Enron, Tyco, Worldcom, and so many more.

Say goodbye to Rod Blagojevich and his bad haircut.

Say goodbye to George Bush's mishandling of...well...everything!

Say goodbye to Dick Cheney and his BS.

Say goodbye to John Street and his corrupt ways.

Say goodbye to the incompetent Ray Nagin (mayor of New Orleans) and the debacle of Hurricane Katrina.

Say goodbye to Jon Gosselin, who can now go back into obscurity where he belongs.

Say goodbye to Samuel Dalembert, the human "Praying Mantis"....no wait he's still here! Darn!

Say goodbye to $4.00 gallons of gasoline.

Say goodbye to rampant job losses and no sign of any recovery.

Say goodbye to exploding prices in consumer goods.

Say goodbye to spiraling credit card debt amongst the majority of the nation.

Say goodbye to California's worst decade ever for wildfires, mudslides, and budget deficits.

Say goodbye to Camden's rise in crime...it can only get better from here.

Say goodbye to steroid scandals in Major League Baseball.

Say goodbye to Tiger Woods' bevy of women who crawl out of the woodwork.

Say goodbye to a nation in constant fear...code orange anyone?

Say goodbye to Gilbert Arenas and his career now that he pulled a gun on a teammate.

Say goodbye to Richard Heene and balloon boy.

Say goodbye to Samantha Ronson.

Say goodbye to the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Portland, Columbus, Tuscaloosa, Sacramento, Norfolk, Hartford, and any other city.

Say goodbye to celebrities who have never done anything to earn any notoriety, yet they are given more media attention than should be given to a puddle on a sidewalk. 

And, finally say goodbye to gloom and doom.