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Mark McGwire mans up-admits to steroid use and offers apology


Mark McGwire receives the Philly2Philly "Manning-up" Award for finally manning up and admitting he used steroids.

Maybe it's due to the fact that he's about to enter baseball again as a coach.  Or, maybe he wanted to redeem himself, but whatever the case he has done the unthinkable and crossed the silent barrier and admitted to steroid use.

Here's an excerpt from an article on si.com about this. "It's been so hard," McGwire told me by phone. "It's been very emotional. So hard. Looking at my sons, telling my parents, my family, my close friends, teammates . . . I left messages for some. It's the first time I told anybody. I hid it from everybody all these years. I kept everything to myself."

McGwire had a tremendous career and I for one was rooting for him to bounce back in 1992 when he was coming off a season in 1991 when he nearly hit below the Mendoza line. 

All you need to know is this.  Compare Mark McGwire's 1992 and 1993 baseball cards.  Look at the dramatic change.  It's shocking that we were oblivious to what was behind this transformation back then.

McGwireLet's look at Exhibit A-his 1991 Leaf.  And, now compare it to Exhibit B-McGwirehis 1993 Uppderdeck Loose Collection, not to be confused with the standard issue Uppderdeck card.

It's insane how much the man grew in one year!

Granted he was always a bigger guy, but he started out in the bigs at around a buck 90 and then blew up into the 230's.

Now that we're on the topic of sportscards, just realize that those 1985 Topps USA rookies were the greatest thing since galvanized steel in 1998.

And, after the doo-doo hit the fan in the early 00's they plummeted to around 10 bucks.

There's your fun fact of the day.  Kudos Big Mc for manning up! Now, hopefully Roger Clemens will take a page from McGwire's playbook.