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Google ready to say goodbye to China, intellectual property theft, censorship, and fascism


Google has had enough of China and may be finally telling them where to stick it.

This follows a series of cyber attacks into millions of Google Gmail accounts.  These cyber attacks resulted in Google having intellectual property stolen from them.

Word around the grapevine is that Google's talks with Chinese officials have ended and that the search giant will likely leave China.

Google is denying that rumor though.  Meanwhile, China is begging the search giant to stay.

Google is also reportedly fed up with China's censorship, which impedes Google's full ability to deliver information.

My thoughts on this are quite simple.  Google should tell facist China where they can stick it.  They bastardize the power of their search engine through censorship and intellectual property theft runs rampant in China.  I won't go so far as to say Alibaba and the Chinese government were behind this, but it wouldn't shock me if they were.  We are talking about a government in China which has attempted to steal military secrets from the United States many times.

You'll never see the words Chinese government and integrity in the same sentence-at least not from this writer.

Main photo from http://antihippies.files.wordpress.com