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NBC is not with Coco: Conan O'Brien's buyout is a raw deal


The details are coming in.  Conan O'Brien is reportedly going to receive $32.5 million from conan o'brienNBC in a buyout. 

But, that's not exactly a positive for the soon-to-be ousted Tonight Show host.  Any deal he receives from another network (Fox) would offset much of the sum. 

Also, according to TMZ, NBC won't allow O'Brien to take any of his characters or bits with him.  That means no more  "In The Year 3,000", Triumph, The Masturbating Bear, or any other classic Conan bits.

O'Brien is getting the good old fashioned screw job from NBC

As the news comes in, NBC and Leno look worse every single day.  Leno can tell us until he's blue in the face that this is just "business" but he's nothing more than an enabler in this mess.

If Leno had any integrity he would retire like he planned on doing to begin with. 

But, this is a fact of life in Hollywood.  Screw-jobs happen on a daily basis and the biggest one of the century is underway.

I'm with Coco is taking the nation by storm and while it won't change anything at NBC, it will make O'Brien look all the more better and NBC and Leno look like corporate sleazebags.