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Conan to Fox? Fox denies owning conanonfox.com and Fox Twitter page a hoax.


Don't start preparing for the countdown to when Conan is on Fox just yet.  While it's likely Conan will end up there, he still has to get out of the NBC deal first and then who knows how long it will take.

There was a hot rumor about Fox purchasing the rights to a url called conanonfox.com.  Fox is denying those rumors and the owner is now listed as Domains by Proxy, Inc. which is a generic company that serves as a cover for a company who owns a domain to protect their identity. What is intriuging though, is that it links to a Fox twitter page.

According to TMZ.com a Red Sox fan is behind the Twitter page incident today.  A Conan Twitter page was created by a member of the Red Sox message board Sons of Sam Horn and on that page appeard a tweet that stated, "Triumph means so many things to so many people SoSH."

The Conan O'Brien saga continues to get more and more bizarre by each passing day.