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Obama should be nervous if Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley for Massachusetts Senate seat


If President Obama wasn't a nervous about the healthcare bill's chances for survival then he will be tonight.

The early results are pouring in and Republican Scott Brown is leading Martha Coakley by about 5 percentage points in the Massachusetts special election for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

Added to that, Obama's poll numbers are down-way down from a year ago when he first took office.  Obama's popularity is down from the high 60's to about 50%.  Many people are not on board with the healthcare bill now and mostly because the public option is all but dead.  But, this stat is the biggest one that stands out-just one in five Americans approve of his handling of the economy.

Should Scott Brown win this election tonight then the Democrats will lose the 60th seat, which will likely mean the demise of Obama's healthcare bill. A healthcare bill I might add was started with the right in intentions in mind, but one that has morphed into a bloated, beauracratic waste of time and money.

I will admit I was a supporter of Obama's healthcare bill early on, but the more I read about it, the more I dislike it.  It's like an onion; the more layers you peel, the more it stinks.