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Conan O'Brien leaving NBC, gives them the middle finger with Bugatti Mouse


It's official folks.  Conan O'Brien is leaving The Tonight Show.  He will receive $40 million plus and won't be allowed to take any of his bits or characters.  And, he won't be allowed to start his next show until after September 1st.

Conan O'Brien's swan song as the Tonight Show reached a new high last night.

Aside from Adam Sandler throwing out the "C" bomb, O'Brien stuck it to NBC in a big way.

He unleashed a new character called the Bugatti Veyron Mouse.  The cost of this new character? $1.5 million.  As an added FU, Conan played the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" during this bit.  Conan is basically sticking it up NBC's collective hides at this point and making no bones about it.

Even if you're not awake at 11:30 PM on the east coast, I suggest you get your butt on hulu or the tonight show site and check out some of Conan's clips from this week.  It's about the most compelling TV you'll see in quite some time.