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Conan O'Brien's last show tonight, NBC execs should be ashamed


Now that Conan Obrien's last show is tonight and he's walking away with over $30 million we can start to analyze this disaster.

NBC's executives should be ashamed and embarrassed over this whole situation.  They spent $50 million on Conan O'Brien's set in L.A.  Added to that, figure in the cost of paying him and his staff.  He was making nearly $8 million per year.  Now that they have settled on paying him and his staff $45 million, they wasted over $100 million dollar.

And, the PR hit they're taking cannot even be priced.  You can't put a price on how bad they look. To quote John C Reilly's character (Reed Rothchild)  from Boogie Nights-they look like A**holes man.

There is no way to see if Leno and NBC will recover from this.  NBC has given a collective FU to the younger demo by pulling this nonsense with Conan and many of them won't be back. 

By committing to Leno and giving Conan the screw-job they have turned their backs on younger viewers.