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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad does not belong on Super Bowl broadcast


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Here's a message for Tim Tebow:  Most mainstream America does no care about your insane Abortion protestorreligious views or your Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad.

Nobody outside of the far, far religious right wants to hear your pro-life psychobabble.

Sure, we live in a free country where we're free to speak our minds.  That also means religious fanatics like Tim Tebow can also be criticized. 

The NFL isn't a haven for right-wing religious fanatics to spew their rhetoric and tell Americans how to live.  And, Tebow needs to understand this immediately.

Roger Goodell should get on the horn and tell Mr. Tebow to keep his tongue in check or else. Most (sane) mainstream Americans who even are pro-life don't adopt the viewpoint where you tell everybody how to live.  Tebow's rhetoric could be a huge turn-off for many NFL fans and really (see aforementioned) it has no place in the NFL or any sports for that matter.

What Tebow does or says on his own time is his own damn business. And a women's business how she handles her pregnancy shouldn't be discussed on a Super Bowl ad.

Tebow's Super Bowl ad is sponsored by the Christian Group Focus on the Family fanatic organization.  It will focus on his mom's pregnancy in 1987 with a theme of celebrating family and life.

I'll make sure to turn the channel when it comes on.  I urge all Americans to do the same if they feel so inclined and to write Mr. Goodell complaint letters.  After all, these fantatics write complaints whenever radio broadcasters make a fart joke.  Let's make it our turn!

If Goodell doesn't do anything, then how long before Tim Tebow does something for an encore? 

Photo of religious fanatic from http://www.sptimes.com/


8:42 PM
Thu Jan 28 2010
What's the problem Dennis?

Tebow is simply telling the story that some docs advised his mom to have an abortion - and fortunately she declined. Doesn't he have the right to share this? And the team members who were aborted have an equal opportunity to tell their story, right? Oh - that's right - they're dead...