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James O'Keefe commits the ultimate "FAIL" with Watergate reenactment in Mary Landrieu's office


Documentary filmmaker, Republican activist, and covert operative wannabe James O'Keefe is in deep doodoo after his attempted wiretapping of Louisiana Senator vader failMary Landrieu's office.  O'Keefe's Watergate reenactment will likely land him in prison.

Federal investigators are alleging that O'Keefe and his three flunkies entered Senator Landrieu's office and claimed they needed to fix the telephones.

The four "masterminds" are being accused of attempting to bug the senator's office. 

Can you say FAIL?

O'Keefe and cronies are looking at a max of 10 years in the clink with $500,000 fines each.  It's one thing to make creative documentaries and taking shots at a political party, but it's outright insane to attempt to wiretap a United States Senator's office!

O'Keefe gained notoriety last year for a controversial series of "sting videos" when they made it out to be that Acorn was supporting child prostitution.



8:57 PM
Thu Jan 28 2010

O'Keefe crossed the line and should pay the price. His work on Acorn was brilliant - that organization is a bunch of thugs and he exposed them for what they are. But no one is above the law. He should have known that.