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Jay Leno tells Conan O'Brien's fans that he's not the bad guy


Jay Leno went on Oprah yesterday (for PR sake) to tell his side of the story now that the smoke has cleared from the Conan O'Brien-NBC fiasco.

Leno basically made himself out to be a victim here in a corporate process and blamed this on the NBC execs who are driven by the bottom line; ratings. And, loyalty ends there regardless of who you are.

Leno even pointed out that he was fired by NBC twice.  Wait, did I miss something? He still has a job! And, he's going to be the Tonight Show host! He's insane if he says he's being fired this time around.  He's getting a promotion if anything! Jay Leno and conan

Leno made mention of his falling ratings (down 15%) and Conan O'Brien's ratings (down 45%) and said NBC had to make a change.

What annoys me about Leno's appearance is that he didn't accept responsibility here and makes it out to be that he's a victim, which he's not.  It will be a cold day in hell when a TV talkshow host making millions of dollars of year can call himself a victim of any sort. 

Leno just makes himself look worse following this debacle.  He should man up and admit that NBC covered their hides by keeping Leno in the fold during Conan's tenure as Tonight Show host.  He was waiting in the wings like a vulture the whole seven months. 

It's really a sad situation, because I for one and one of the many who respected Leno for years.  And, I have all but lost all respect for the man following this wretched disaster. His appearance on Oprah was nothing more than PR-spin and he's hoping he can win over some of Conan O'Brien's fans who will not be watching The Tonight Show ever again.

Ultimately Leno's message to the millions of Conan O'Brien's fans is that Leno is the good guy in this mess, which couldn't be further from the truth.