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Tiger Woods and Brett Favre have a lot in common


When you mention the names Tiger Woods and Brett Favre right now they are (on the surface) two athletes on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

One of them in Tiger Woods is embroiled in a scandal of mythic proportions.  The other in Brett Favre is coming off one of his greatest seasons and has teams begging for his services.

Right now the only thing begging for Tiger Woods' services is the PGA.  His endorsements have gone up in smoke sans Nike and his wife is about to divorce him...well they may save the marriage if he gets "cured." Whatever that means.

Favre and Woods do actually have a lot in common.  And, I'm not talking about the Elin Nordegren connection.  Nordegren was a house guest of Favre's when she visited Tiger Woods at the sex rehab in Mississippi. And, aside from both being superstars they both have a common thread in their lives.

Brett Favre you may remember went through a scandal of his own about a dozen years ago when he admitted to being addicted to painkillers.  The clean-cut veneer ofbrett favre Favre had been sanded away in an instant when he admitted to this shocking revelation.  He managed to get through it unscathed after getting help.

Tiger Woods is dealing with something much more shocking, but not insurmountable.  Sure, his clean-cut image has been damaged, but with some proper PR-work and saying the right things will get him back in America's good graces in no time.

And, then Tiger will be "bone thugs and harmony" once again.  Translation: everything will be all good for Mr. Woods once he gets back onto the fairways and wins over the hearts and minds of America with moments like this.

Both men also are at a crossroads of sorts.  Brett Favre could retire and we will not see Favre on a football field for the first time in nearly 20 years.  And, Tiger Woods may not be on a golfcourse for an entire season, which would be his longest stint away from the tour in well over a decade.

No matter what though, Woods will come through this just fine and he'll get back that clean-cut image just like Mr. Favre. 

Photo of Favre from http://media.al.com