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Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga set stage for another Philly vs New York battle at Grammys tonight


With the Grammy's tonight there are a lot of subplots as always.  Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are two of the biggest names and couldn't be bigger polar opposites.  Gaga taylor swiftis a flamboyant pop star in the mold of Madonna from New York City and Swift is a clean-cut country music singer from Wyomissing, PA.  There is literally nothing the two share in common except for being in the music biz and hailing from the east cost. Alas we have another Philadelphia-New York battle just like the World Series. 

Local product Swift-the pride of Wyomissing, could clean up at the grammy awards tonight. In fact, many experts feel that Swift could do just that. Even though Lady Gaga came onto the scene like a house on fire in 2009, Swift could steal the show tonight. 

Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have a combined 13 nominations.

Lady Gaga is up for five nominations including album of the year for her album "Fame."  "Poker Face" is up for both record of the year and song of the year.  It's also nominated for best dance song.  Poker Face could be Gaga's winner at the Grammys. 

Taylor Swift is up for eight nominations.  These include album of the year and song of the year as well. Her song "You belong with me" could knock off "Poker Face" for song of the year, which would be quite a feat for Swift.

lady gagaBeyonce has them both beat with 10 overall noms.  In fact, all three have combined for 23 nominations.

In the sports world it's a man's world, but at the Grammys it will be ladies night tonight.

You will never see two artists who are so different yet have so much popularity with the same demographic than Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.  It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Either way, you can be sure another battle of Philadelphia vs New York City will ensue.  Swift vs Gaga-take your pick.

Photo of Taylor Swift from http://www.chicagonow.com

Photo of Lady Gaga from http://live.drjays.com