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Philadelphia Police Department Needs Facelift After Frank Tepper and Tyrone Wiggins incidents


The Philadelphia Police Department has itself in a public relations quandry. One of the stories got swept under the rug and the media should be ashamed for not putting on the full court press. The other story is getting a lot of publicity and rightfully so.

Let's turn to the first story, which is receiving very little media attention, which involves one Tyrone Wiggins.

This is an officer who has recently been charged for sexual crimes of a horrific nature, which took place over an 8-year period.

What is an absolute disgrace is that this officer wasn't arrested until the day after he retired from the police force. Tell me this doesn't stink of impropriety.

How in the world would the Philadelphia Police Department not know something was going on?

And, why in the world would they wait nearly 3 years after hearing of the allegations to fire him?

Why was Wiggins arrested the day after he retired?

Even worse, Wiggins was allowed to work at a recreational center until a week before being arrested! The Phila PD claims this was an "oversight." And, mind you this is the recreational center where Wiggins met the young woman 8 years ago!

These are questions that should be asked. This is speculation on my part, but it would stand to reason the police department knew it was going on for quite some time and didn't want to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation of having to arrest one of it's own rank and file for such a horrific crime.

Charles Ramsey claimed that the matter was brought to their attention in '06, it went to the D.A. in '07 and he was finally arrested recently.

So, basically they waited until the problem in the form of Tyrone Wiggins retired.

There should be a full investigation into the entire department from the top on down by the Feds. This isn't just embarrassing; it's outrageous and criminal. The Phila PD enabled this rapist to continue his crimes while they "investigated."

Now, let's turn to Seargent Frank Tepper who gunned down an unarmed man well over a month ago. This is a cop who claimed he felt threatened by an unarmed man who was fighting in front of his house.

So, he decided to shoot him dead. And, what did the Philadelphia Police Department do? Nothing until yesterday when they announced that he will be fired.

Notice a pattern here?

Rather than arrest Tepper for going outside the bounds of his job while off-duty they have drug their heels on just announcing that they will fire him. This comes a month and a half after he shot to death Bill Panas Jr. on November 21st.

There is that old adage about police protecting their own, but this is taking it too far. It's one thing to sweep a DUI or an assault under the rug, but we're talking about rape and murder here!

This is clearly a problem that the incompetent City Council can't and won't even bother to deal with. The Federal Government needs to step in and get to the core of what is rotten inside City Hall.

At the very least Mayor Nutter needs to address these situations in a public forum and assure the public that this behavior won't be tolerated. And, then they need to put their money where their mouths are and really make sure it never happens again.

Otherwise, these heinous acts will only continue and it will further divide a public that already has a serious distrust of Philadelphia Police.

And, this is coming from someone like myself who is as "Pro-Police" as can be. I believe police should be allowed to use brutality when necessary and even deadly force when the situation warrants it. It is a huge responsibility to protect citizens on a daily basis and these two cases threaten to undermine the institution of Law and Order in Philadelphia.