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Conway Cover Up: Alex Jones' Prisonplanet.com and Supporters Spam Google Trends


The Duke AvatarOn any given day Google Trends will serve as a barometer for the hot topics in news. Usually (and I really do mean usually) when you see a search on Google Trends, it means it's a pretty big deal. Call it the pulse of what's wetting Americans' appetites for news at that moment.

There's been a growing cancer on the internet started by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his legion of fans. What they do is spam Google Trends and force their news items to get up to the top of Google Trends. They've been doing it for quite some time now. Rarely do their stories ever get coverage in mainstream news because they're usually conspiracy theories and nonsense uttered by their Supreme Leader Alex Jones. Thus, when he tells his dogs what to believe and to spread the word, they follow suit and rig Google Trends. A few months back they were in an uproar over an alleged censorship incident involving Youtube and his "film" about President Obama.

At any rate, Alex Jones' goons are back at it with some grand conspiracy involving Senator-hopeful Jack Conway's brother Matthew Conway, who was apparently being investigated for drug trafficking. As of this writing the search "conway cover up" is #1 on Google Trends. "A writer by the name of Aaron Dykes writes on Prisonplanet.com,

"While the controlled media has been busy dirtying Rand Paul’s name in the lead up to the midterm elections, news of a real scandal has gone viral concerning his opponent Jack Conway in the Kentucky Senate race. Now, the term “Conway cover up” has reached #1 on Google’s hot trends, replacing the previous #1 search term, ’9/11 cover-up,’ both of which where initiated during today’s broadcast of the Alex Jones Show. Perhaps this victory in the Infowar will force even the MSM lackeys to cover an admitted scandal concerning the cover-up of an drug investigation into Matt Conway, prosecutor and brother of the candidate who is currently the Attorney General in Tennessee."

The title of this article by Jones is, "Conway Cover Up" Surges to #1 on Google Trends Days Before Kentucky Senate Vote. The only reason why "Conway Cover Up" surged is because Alex Jones' supporters click on the MULTIPLE articles written by Prisonplanet.com about this story and they just keep clicking and clicking and clicking. It was admitted by them how they can rig Google Trends a few months ago and they continue to do it. This isn't viral and it's not a big deal. It's simply a group of people clicking on articles from Alex Jones' website. That's not viral; it's Google search tampering. On the Infowars site they put out instructions for how you can rig Google Trends and stick it to the man.

"For the next week, take about 5 minutes per day when you get online and type in “The Obama Deception” (or copy and paste) and make these searches over and over again; then click through to the links and drive the livelihood and popularity of the term “The Obama Deception” off the charts."

In fact earlier today, "9/11 cover-up" was #1 on Google Trends thanks to Alex Jones' supporters.

Prisonplanet currently has multiple articles high up on the Google News searches about Conway (related to the Rand Paul supporter stomping incident) and the so-called Conway Cover-Up fiasco. Are any legitimate news outlets covering this scandal? Nope. A website called Healthmaybe.com regurgitated their story on it probably just to get some cheap traffic since it is afterall #1 on Google Trends.

So my message for the Alex Jones supporters is keep fighting the good fight. Maybe a real news outlet will run with one of your concocted media scandals. For now you have been Duked. Good night.

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