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The Eagles' Jon Dorenbos' Comedy and Magic Show raised money for "David Akers Kicks For Kids"


Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowler Jon Dorenbos hosted "A Night of Comedy and Magic" Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos hosted "A Night of Comedy and Magic" Tuesday night at The Kimmel Center. Photo: Aileen Bannonat the Pearlman Theatre at The Kimmel Center Tuesday night. Comedic magicians from across the country performed to help raise funds to support programs at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Among the magicians were Michael Grasso, a local native and a finalist on NBC's America's Got Talent, Michael Finney (whose head-shrinking trick was something to see), Steve Bargatze, Denny Haney, Mike Miller, and John Cassidy- who literally jumped inside of a balloon and bounced around the stage! I would say some of their tricks you had to see to believe, but I can't even say that and I was there!

Click HERE for Aileen Bannon's photo gallery of the event.

The event was presented by the David Akers Kicks For Kids Foundation, an organization the Eagles' kicker started after his newborn son spent time in Children's Hospital in 2004. Kids, adults, and members of the Military in Willow Grove were in attendance. Akers, Kevin Kolb, Trevor Laws, and Riley Cooper from the Eagles were present as well and enjoyed many laughs. Although Dorenbos was technically the host, he wasted no time performing magic tricks of his own for the enthusiastic crowd. Dorenbos is no amateur magician by any means. He has performed to audiences in Las Vegas as well as Hollywood. His interest in magic started when he was 12. In fact, he grew up idolizing most of the magicians who performed during the event.

"It was so unbelievable," says Dorenbos. "Two years ago, when Mike Miller (President of the Society of American Magicians) got on board, we were able to get guys like Michael Finney, who everyone wants to perform with. To watch these guys as a kid and now I'm able to come up and share the stage with them is a dream come true, and then the proceeds get to go to these kids, it's so worth it."

The first show was in 2008. This is the "Second Non-Annual Event" in the words of Dorenbos.Comedian-Magician John Cassidy performs at "A Night of Comedy and Magic" at The Kimmel Center. Photo by Aileen Bannon. However, he thinks the chances for a show next year are promising, due to the support and turnout of this year's event.

"With this kind of venue and turnout, I think so," adds Dorenbos. "The Kimmel Center really stepped up. It's a beautiful theater. It's a perfect venue for the style of magic we do, which is comedy based. It's an intimate feeling, so hopefully we can do it again."

Over the last few years, Dorenbos has become somewhat of a fixture at Akers' events, so it was interesting to see the Eagles long snapper use his off-the field-talents in an exclusive setting.

"I would go to David's events and perform a little bit, and it kind grew to a dinner show. And he said 'Hey, let's do a big show.' So we did it two years ago and it was a big turnout. This year, we had sponsors approach the David Akers Kicks for Kids Foundation and tell them that they wanted to sponsor an event, and they'd like to do the magic show again. So we got all the guys back and it rocked."

So kudos to Dorenbos, Akers, and the wonderful and talented magicians who made this event possible. Every adult and child alike left the event with a smile on their face, and it was all for a good cause.

Special thanks to Rose Cunningham.

For more information on David Akers Kicks For Kids, go to www.davidakerskicksforkids.org