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Get your tickets to the Philadelphia Advertising & Business Show


Free passes for business men and women, plus business-related groups and organizations are available for the Philadelphia Advertising & Business Show, Nov. 10, 2010.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, City Ave. at Rte. 76

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

9AM to 4:30PM

Should you have an interest, please contact us at 484-562-0063, or by e-mail: adcomtimes@aol.com


5:12 AM
Thu Nov 11 2010
This is a great opportunity

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs both domestic and foreign. This is entitles for a huge business opportunity and when it comes to business everything seems to have new version but if we would analyze they are all the same. Taking for example the Barracuda, one of the classic muscle cars, might be returning. Retro styles are being revived. Performance vehicles have been given old looking facelifts. The Barracuda is one many
would like to see come back. The auto, though, was made by Plymouth, which stopped to exist years back.