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Crippling Snowstorm Expected To Hit Philadelphia Region on Sunday


Remember that snowstorm, which started out in California last week as a record-breaking rainstorm? This is the same storm which was supposed to veer off coast and cause little or no problems for anybody in the Philadelphia and Jersey area. Well it turns out the "computer models" were all wrong and we are in for a major snowstorm today in the Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey areas.

Later Saturday evening, meterologists on all of the networks did a complete 180 and were all saying this will be a crippling snowstorm Sunday. Hurricane Schwartz stated that on a scale of 1 to 5 - this snowstorm is likely to be a "5" and thus a crippling snowstorm.

For those of us who have to go into work Monday morning to get paid for the holiday, good luck. The storm is expected to start around 10:00 A.M. and intensify later in the afternoon. The worst of the storm is expected to last between 4 P.M. today until the wee hours of Monday morning. The timing couldn't be worse. If you're thinking about doing some day-after Christmas shopping, take care of business early, because the weather in the Philadelphia area won't be kind to drivers.

Stay tuned to NBC10 or weather.com for up-to-date news, but the weather doesn't appear to be good. Philadelphia is expected to get 10-20 inches while New Jersey could be worse off. For those of you in the Reading area, expect 6 to 12 inches - not quite as bad, but still not fun especially when you have to go back to work.

Furthermore, this could make the Eagles-Vikings Sunday night game a great TV spectacle, but it could make for a nasty game. And, the Eagles can ill-afford to blow this game when they have the NFC East Division within their grasp.

Hopefully it's not the case, but we may be talking about The Boxing Day Blizzard for years to come after tomorrow.

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