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America's obsession with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie borders on insanity


The American obsession over Brad PItt and Angelina Jolie reached a new level (low) last week.  There were hourly updates about whether or not they ended their Brangelinarelationship.  The media posed many questions about this breaking story and treated it like a tragedy. 

Why didn't they attend the Golden Globes together?

Why were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie choosing to not attend the Oscars together?

The reporting over this non-story got so ridiculous that the media broke a supposed story about how they visited a lawyer so they could protect their assets.

Turns out none of this was true as Brad and Angelina are doing just fine and showed up together to the DGA Awards.

The more important question should be just why are Americans so fascinated with Brangelina? There have been many other Hollywood relationships, but this one seems to get more coverage than the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Sure, much of the hype started when two of Hollywood's biggest stars in the past 50 years allegedly hooked up when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston were still married.  But, there are other things that led to the "obsession." This love story is the culmination of a perfect storm of technology, social media, blogging, and media.  With all four working hand-in-hand, this relationship involving two A+ listers took America by storm.  Added to that, these two A-listers are socially conscious, having adopted several children and constnatly being involved in humanitarian efforts.  Now, let's enter the new age of the internet.  It's a perfect marriage of "new media" and the most compelling couple to grace newspaper and magazine covers since JFK and Jacky O.

If media is the vehicle of stories, then social media is the driver.  Technology is the engine.  And, blogs are the fuel.  This fuel isn't anywhere close to running out.  As media continues to evolve with non-reporters fueling the popularity of stories, the American obsession will only continue to get more and more out of control. Just five years ago Facebook, Twitter, Oh No They Didn't, and TMZ were barely on the radar screen.  Just think what will come along five years from now. 

Americans as a whole are addicts on many levels and our new drug is media-in all forms.  Brangelina, the story of the ultimate power couple is their heroin.