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Weekly Wrap-Up: Snowmageddon in Philly, PA House Healthcare bills, Debra Medina, and Glenn Beck


philly snow stormIn spite of the Philadelphia government’s usual awfulness as it pertains to any sort of street clearing capabilities after snowstorms, this past week’s "Snowmageddon", as it’s been called by the mass media (see also: “Snowpocalypse”) has been no match for the city government. Which on the surface makes no sense.

The city is still in massive debt, black ice is usually a part of life on Fairmount Avenue, so what gives? How come of the city’s 2,500 miles of road, about 1,000 – and all major streets – are relatively clear come Friday?

Mayor Nutter, at a City Hall news conference on Thursday, made it clear: “All of this is designed to encourage people to come out, to go shopping, to go to restaurants, to go to museums, to go to our commercial corridors.”

So, are we to believe that the risk of people not spending during a recession brought Mr. Plow out this year? The recession has made the bankrupt city government go all out with the plows so we can go out and spend money, yet, when the money’s plentiful and the economy’s all good, kids have nothing better to do than spend their days tubing down Levering Street.

That being said, the children of Manayunk are likely still tubing (while their parents spend, spend, spend!) Public schools have been closed most of the week.

There’s some good news coming out of the PA State House. After being endorsed by the city councils of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading, West Reading, Wilks Barre, and Allegheney, House bills HB 1660 and SB 400 (both state single-payer healthcare bills) were unanimously endorsed by the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee this past weekend. The plan was originally adopted by HealthCare4AllPA.org, and word of the convention got out via OpEdNews.com and then on Daily Kos. The writer of the original article on OpEdNews, Jerry Policoff (an unpaid member of the board of directors of Health Care For All PA) says of the recent Internet buzz surrounding the resolution and endorsement: “It had gone mainstream.”

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, running for governor this year and a conference attendee, stated he’d sign a single-payer bill into law.

Does that mean anything has happened? No. Does that mean something regarding single payer healthcare within the state could happen? Maybe. (See also: Maybe not.)

In national news...

Texas is having a governor’s race in 2010. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is challenging current-Governor (and secession advocate) Rick Perry, but recently, with the Tea Patriot psychotic orgy in full swing, Debra Medina, a Tea Patriot activist, has thrown her headgear into the ring.

Glenn Beck asked her about her stance on 9/11 being an “inside job” and she answered: “I think some very goodglenn beck questions have been raised in that regard. There’s some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there so I’ve not taken a position there.” In other words, yeah, she’ll cater to the 9/11 Truth movement if need be. Beck disapproves.

This I found interesting, mostly because Glenn Beck is quite possibly the number one mainstream conspiracy theorist in the United States (if you consider Alex Jones outside the mainstream at this point).

I believe political humor site Wonkette put it perfectly when they said of the clip of Beck and Medina: “Glenn Beck (!) has perhaps ruined her chances by outing her as a 9/11 truther — the one conspiracy theory about government tyranny that they don’t believe, because 9/11 let us go kill tons of muslins in ~Africa for fun.”

Snowstorm photo from http://image3.examiner.com

Glenn Beck photo from http://wearemadashell.files.wordpress.com/