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Big weekend for women's sports with Danica Patrick's Nascar debut and USA Women's Hockey on Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is normally a day for the ladies.  But, this weekend and Valentine's Day was a huge one in women's sports both in the Olympics and in Nascar.danica patrick

Danica Patrick made her long-awaited debut in Nascar on Saturday, which didn't end on such a good note. 

Her Nascar debut ended in a 12-car accident.

She was hanging in there with a respectable top 20 showing throughout the race before her car fell victim to the accident.

The U.S. Women's Hockey team faired much better than Danica Patrick, by throttling China 12-1 today. 

Jenny Potter was the star of the day for the USA Women's team, with three goals in the blowout.

For clips from the game, if you missed it on NBC, here are some videos from NBC's Olympics site.

Despite Danica Patrick's disappointing finish in her debut, it was a big day for women in sports, as this marks the first time a major female athlete has participated in Nascar.  And, it's nice to see the women beating up on China-the evil empire.

Valentine's Day was a day to remember for female sports.  Both on the ice and on the race track. 

Photo of Danica Patrick from http://i.a.cnn.net