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Flash mob punks turn snowball fight into violent riot in Philadelphia Macy's


Yesterday, about a hundred teenage morons engaged in a flashmob snowball fight in Philadelphia, which turned into orgiastic violent riot.

This flash mob attack (which organized on Facebook) is the height of the ignorance of the youth today. These punks organized at the Gallery Mall for a fight that police suspect flash mob philadelphiamay have been planned earlier in the day.

Thankfully, the cops nabbed 15 of these idiots and hopefully they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

It's one thing to organize a peaceful snowball fight like the one in Washington last week.  That is harmless and good fun.

This was nothing more than an excuse for a bunch of punk-teens to engage in ruthless violence.  Hopefully the perps get at least 15 years in prison for their crimes.

Kudos to the Philadelphia police department for quickly bringing the punks to justice.  Hopefully they find the other 85 and deal with them in an effective manner.

I hate to sound like the old curmudgeon complaining about kids, but back in my day we would have peaceful snowball fights.  Many of these disgusting punks today look for excuses to commit acts of violence.  And regardless of how young they are, they belong in Graterford prison and the like.  They are a waste to our society.

There have been other violent incidents involving flash mobs.  One occured last year in Philadelphia, and this probably won't be the last one.

Photo of one of the punks from http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com